Thursday, April 27, 2006

good riddance, kellie

this season of "american idol" is the first time we really got into the top-rating show, as in, we watched it from the first episode—from the auditions to the eliminations to the final 12 to finally seeing kellie pickler get booted out! in the beginning she was cute and all that, getting america’s sympathy vote thanks to her sob story about her jailbird daddy. but in the last couple weeks, the whole ditzy act was beginning to feel like, well, an act. her downfall began when she sang “bohemian rhapsody”—come on! she was so not cut out for that song! and those stylists should be fired! they practically sabotaged mandisa the week she got the lowest votes by dressing her in oh my god horizontal stripes!! hello, any idiot off the street knows that you don’t dress a fat, er, plus-sized woman in horizontal stripes, and especially not on the widest part of her body, the hips! (not to mention, spags—jeez, even WE wouldn’t wear ‘em without first doing some bicep curls!) then just because kellie and paris rock it with queen songs, they’re dressed in black trousers, leather boots and smokey eye makeup. oh puh-leez that’s so suzi quatro! what female rocker still dresses like that these days? during american-standards week, they made paris look like a frikkin bank teller in a shapeless suit. is that any way to style a 17-year-old? they should just dress the girls in low-cut dresses because there is such a thing called the cleavage vote. look at katharine—we agreed that that whitney song was too big for her and her performance was just so-so, but she still ended up in the top two, thanks to that yellow dress with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit that popped a button and, we swear, exposed her undies! hello, wardrobe malfunction! (hmmm, baka sinadya niya ‘yon…) and the makeup, man… what was with kellie’s weird eyebrows and poufy back-combed hair last night? was she another victim of styling sabotage? or maybe not. now that she was left with the big boys (chris and taylor have done the bar tours, katharine is a trained singer, paris comes from a family of professionals, and elliott, well, he just has a gift), her inferiority and insecurity were beginning to show—and by her own admission! it’s always “i’m saw-ry!” well, we’re not!

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye Kellie! Yay!

Hi thefashpack. You SMS'ed me last night regarding Pauler's crying jag, and whether she's done it before.

Didn't get to reply because my mobile is out of commission for now. Globe would like some money from me before they let me use their services. Go figure! It's just temporary though.

Anyway, the judge in the middle did cry once before after a performance in Season 1, the only season we didn't get to see and know the contestants.

Yes, Elliott has a gift.