Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the lost files

blogger is driving us up the wall!! we just spent a couple of hours posting our report on philippine fashion week's "young avant-garde collection" from last monday, pictures and all, when bam! the internet went down. at the time we were posting pix and when safari couldn't open that page, well, everything just disappeared! we couldn't recover the post. and you think we're going to do everything over again?? nuh-uh. too much damn work. so we'll spare you the runway reports and s(n)ide comments and instead introduce you to the members of the young designers guild who showed that night. (ivarluski aseron, though, was sorely missed that night. he didn't show, although he was in the audience. too bad we didn't get to ask him why he didn't have a collection.) so ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, meet...
brian leyva
ciara marasigan
dong omaga diaz
ferdi abuel
james reyes
joey samson
john herrera (oops, lost his head there...)
louis claparols (with marni in his arms :-)
LZ punzalan
mel vergel de dios
mitzi quilendrino
patty eustaquio
reian mata
yvonne quisumbing-romulo
we just have to say that joey samson was the big winner that night. while most of the editors were taken by the pretty clothes of yvonne, louis and ferdi, the consensus among designers we talked to was that joey had the best and most original collection. the others daw were just copies of alexander mcqueen, yohji yamamoto and stella mccartney (but we're not saying who!).

just wanted to add this:

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Anonymous said...

Sayang! I so wanted to know the lowdown, thefashpack style. Catty comments and all. (Use na lang this comment space?) I liked Ferdie Abuel, James Reyes, Joey Samson and Mitzi Quelendrino. The others were just hmmm.... Well made, but hmmm.