Friday, April 21, 2006

prada's skirts

just like miuccia prada, the fash pack loves skirts. so we are dying to see her exhibit titled "waist down," featuring skirts from her collections dating back to 1988 to the present. the display of over 100 skirts can be seen at prada's soho epicenter store on 575 broadway, designed by rem koolhaas, which was damaged by a fire last january, and which re-opened in time for the celebrity-filled exhibit launch last tuesday. the traveling exhibit has had successful runs, first in tokyo, then in shanghai, now in new york, and it's supposed to go to europe after. so if you happen to be traveling to new york from now till may 31, 2006, be sure to check it out and tell us all about it! (although we're hoping SSI brings the exhibit here. well, if manila is good enough for christian lacroix haute couture, we're way good enough for prada!)


Anonymous said...

Knowing SSI, they will keep it to themselves. Anton Huang doesn't even send his staff to NYFW. He goes there himself, that's why his buyers have no idea which products to bring to the Philippines. Such a pity...We are missing out on sooo much here.

kai said...

saw the exhibit when i was in shanghai last year. it was held at the historic Peace hotel.. really cool display and they gave out nice prada pins too hehe :P