Thursday, April 20, 2006

R.I.P. mel vergel de dios

this morning, we received shocking news that young designers guild member mel vergel de dios passed away. it's always shocking to receive news of someone's death, especially if it's someone you knew, or someone so young and so talented and who had so much going for him, but what makes it so much more shocking is how he died. in deference to mel, his family and friends, and the on-going investigation, we will delay writing here the facts surrounding his death till an official statement is given. all we can say is that it was a very violent and senseless death. let us all pray for the soul of mel vergel de dios. as a tribute to him, we are posting pictures of his collection from the last show he did with YDG last april 3 as part of philippine fashion week (which the fash pack reported on last april 5 in a post titled "the lost files." eerie...). (sorry, the pix are a bit blurry...)

here's a clearer pic. rissa samson, president of PMAP (professional models association of the philippines), who was in the audience that night, wore this avant-garde-ish jacket designed by mel vergel de dios:

UPDATE: from abs-cbn interactive metro section:

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