Tuesday, May 23, 2006

all of asia

today in a spur-of-the-moment moment, we decided to drive the length of edsa, all the way to end, to the newest, biggest, most-talked-about destination, SM mall of asia.
everything you heard about the size of this mall, which opened to the public last sunday, may 21, is true: it is ginormous! to the point of confusion, the potential of getting lost, of losing your companions, of forgetting where you parked (don't ever forget where you parked or it'll be a disaster! take note if you parked in the north or south wing, which floor, which section), of missing out on a lot of shops because, well, there are just too damn many. when you enter the mall, the first thing you have to do is check out the directory.
we read that they'll be giving out maps—which is an excellent idea, every huge mall in hong kong and the US does, and which the ayala malls should do too, as they don't even have a reliable directory in their malls—but we didn't see any. mall of asia will surely go through a lot of birthing pains for the first three months at least. (to wit, the rest rooms in the cinema were not labeled as mens or ladies rooms, which led to confusion, so they became unisex rest rooms.) it seemed only half the stores were open, but the rest will open within the next month and a half. a lot of the SSI shops are set to open by june 30, and most of them occupy a whole block, which we recognize as another "huang wing," so nicknamed because all their shops are bunched up together, just like in greenbelt 3 and power plant ;-)
on this side, the food court side, as far as the eye can see, it's a whole row of SSI shops, like lush, calvin klein, mexx, ecco, nine west, beauty bar, fruits & passion and charriol, and on the other side, facing the lobby, are marks & sparks, kenneth cole, lacoste and zara. and looky! where will you shop? the first floor or the second floor? uy, intriga yan!
and to cap the evening (we finally got to watch "mission impossible 3"!), we sat by the balcony area of the west side, had us a couple microbrewed beers at grappa's, and watched the world's most beautiful sunset (but don't take such deep breaths, if you know what we mean, this isn't boracay)...


Anonymous said...

lol about the 'huang wing'.

you forgot to mention greenbelt 4, in which the huangs account for practically the entire ground floor. it's as if the mall was built around ssi.

you also failed to mention robinson's place ermita. ssi has so much stores there, despite the fact that it's such a j-lo market. well, maybe the chinois market from binondo keep them going.

broad market brands like bench may have more retail presence than ssi, but those retailers are quick to close down and/or relocate shops that don't do well. it's fairly obvious that they can afford the rent to begin with.

but ssi? how the hell are they paying for all that rent? their stores are almost always empty. they're usually filled with stocks over 2 seasons old (except for zara). every so often, they will hold sales that are non-events (30% off is already big for them), considering the clothing industry carries a 70% margin).

what's their magic?

i also wonder how true it is that rgoc (rustans group of companies) is wading through a humongous amount of debt. could that be the reason they can afford operating all those stores? hmmm.

pizzicatto said...

where is this located? Is this in EDSA near the SM mega mall?

the fash pack said...

pizzicatto, we have to be assume you either don't live here or have been living under a rock because mall of asia has been the talk of the country. just drive down edsa towards manila bay and as you reach the end, voila, there it is!