Monday, May 29, 2006

the fash cam: leggings

for those of you too young to remember the 80s (perhaps you weren't even born yet and were a mere sperm), leggings were the ultimate staple, and madonna was the latest, hottest thing in music. you could not mention one without the other. to us, fashion in the 80s was defined by madonna's video for "holiday". come on, admit it, you too wore a skirt over leggings, a mesh shirt with a visible bra (or tank for us modest ones...) underneath, lace in your hair, and tons of skinny black rubber bangles. we even have pictures to prove it, eeewww! but wait a minute, we should be showing them off now because leggings are back (although madonna's star never faded, it just kept re-inventing itself)! (but we'll keep tucked away the pix of us wearing leggings with biggy shirts belted at the waist, with oversized shaker-knit sweaters, with pumps, and with neon accessories, thank you very much...) so just when you thought those evil leggings were dead and gone and would never come back to life, well, take a look, they're baaaacck... (but we'll leave them to girls in their teens and 20s, and anyone who has the personality to carry them off because, just like a fragrance that can trigger a memory, wearing leggings again will remind us of a decade we'd rather forget!!!)
xeng wears it the most popular way today: under a denim mini
not confident enough to show off your legs in shorty shorts? do like ornusa and add leggings
a hong kong socialite wears it under a sheer black cocktail dress
audrey's mad mix works because she keeps everything else—hair, makeup, nails—clean
kym channels edie sedgwick from the 60s and madonna from the 80s
you can't see it, but cecile has a denim mini under her oversized tunic
jenni wears it under one of her beach cover-ups for folded & hung

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Where can buy leggings? Any brands you can suggest?

the fash pack said...

you can find leggings at top shop, people are people, mimi, freeway, store for all seasons, and dance shops like yvonne's and capezio.

Anonymous said...

Jenni looks like a clown!

Anonymous said...

i have one! it's damsel from urban outfitters. loves it!