Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the fash cam: short shorts

yesterday, we breezed through national bookstore and it was teeming with young 'uns buying books and supplies for the upcoming school year. it's not even the middle of may yet, it's still summer, enjoy your vacation while you can! and while we're on that subject, delay wearing that uniform for as long as possible and enjoy summer fashion while it's still hot outside (and there are no teachers to tell you that that skirt is too short!). one of our favorite trends this season is shorts—the shorter the better! back in the 70s, these shorty shorts were called hot pants. in the 80s, denim cutoffs became the rage, thanks to daisy duke, the sexy hillbilly on the hit TV series "the dukes of hazzard" (over-re-acted by jessica simpson last year). in the 90s, we don't recall many shorts moments, except maybe for the hoochies featured in those famous guess ads (when they were still cool). these days, short shorts have become a staple in every woman's closet. one of our designer friends christened them "pekpek" shorts, "kasi kita na ang kaluluwa mo," haha! we've seen them at the mall, out on a saturday night, at the beach, everywhere!
michele blings it up with gold accessories
cath keeps cool in khaki
valerie shows off her tan in denim cut-offs
we like this bazaar shopper's impeccable styling
mariko keeps it sleek and slim in all black
maureen adds some glam with a sparkly vest, bag and heels
a guest at the shu show keeps it classic in black and white
this party animal at the absolut raspberri launch takes it over the top
these hot chicks really know how to dress for a beach party
chicho stays fresh in all white
ruby perfects that rich palm-beach look
anne tops it with an-empire cut blouse
charmaine takes it out at night with a glittery gold sweater

PS: and don't forget: the fash pack invites you to join the fash pack! send in a full-length photo (or two or three) of you in your cute little outfit and get the chance to see yourself in this blog’s “the fash cam” section! include your name (first name only will do), where the photo was taken, the occasion, and of course, the fashion credits! e-mail your pix to thefashpack.blogspot.com@gmail.com today!

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