Thursday, May 18, 2006

good-bye, elliott :'-(

the E train is going home. the yamin machine has been turned off. the yaminions have dispersed. elliott has left the building. talo na ang manok namin. but who knew our boy elliott yamin would get this far? top 3! it's still something to be very proud of. chris must have been seething as he watched the top 3's homecoming. "i coulda been a contender!" but it was a pretty close fight and even though elliott ended up in the bottom, the over 50 million votes (the most so far!) were almost equally split. nothing to sneeze at! but did you see how happy katharine mcboobs was?? while taylor looked kinda sad about seeing elliott go, the kat was practically jumping up and down with joy and cheering that the funky white boy was going home. "better him than me!" biatch! if she ends up winning, we can totally see her doing a britney-jessica-paris-fill-in-bimbo-of-your-choice and becoming a tabloid fixture. being the pretty, bratty, california gal that she is, it's not hard to imagine. now if taylor wins, hmmm... how well will his singing go when you listen to him on your ipod without the benefit of his onstage antics? which brings us to what made elliott so great. while we won't argue that he was the least attractive contestant (sige na nga, chaka sha), he certainly had the best voice! too bad pang ipod lang sha, hindi pang mtv. (ay, may ipod video na pala.) now wouldn't it have been perfect if you could put elliott's voice in ace's face and body??? the perfect american idol!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sad elliott is not in the finale.
lol @ katharine mcboobs. kaw ha!

Anonymous said...

LOL too on the McBoobs!

But like I told you before, Ruben and arguably Fantasia won no prizes in the looks department, but they were PIMPED to the max anyway and won the big gig. Grrr.

Aw, Elliott. Who doesn't want to root for that guy? Answer? Chris Daughtry fans. Baldy is Bit.Ter.

Grrr—on both McBoobs and McShtick! Blech.

From the one who told you before about "pimping"

ai5fan said...

i'll always remember elliot as the only american idol contestant who made paula cry. mukhang na in love ang lola mo

Anonymous said...

Well, Pauler (tm Simon Cowell) did cry majorly over Constantine's departure, complete with forehead-to-forehead consoling with HIS MOM. It was real bawling.

She also may have cried in Season 1, but I doubt it.

Elliott, though, is so worth crying over! It IS probably the first time she cried over a performance.

From the pimping conspiracy theorist, who'll shaddup now.