Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mall movements

we know we've been doing a lot of posts about shopping and about malls, but what can we do, that's where all the current action is! to continue our observations on power plant from the last couple days, this was something we spotted there a month ago:
the "papering" of the windows of marlboro classics and calvin klein jeans. which can mean one of three things: (1) they're taking inventory; (2) they're renovating; (3) they're closing. apparently it was the latter for these two SSI brands. because over a week ago, this is what took their place:
which begs the question (rather questions): why such a big space for a/x armani exchange? is it that successful that they have to open another makati branch (there's already one in glorietta 4)? who shops there? anyone care to answer? then over at rustan's makati in ayala center, hello, what's this? what happened to the U section on the 3rd floor? it's like it never existed!
completely empty empty empty, completely devoid of racks, shelves and merchandise, and forget about trying to cross over to the children's section on the other side. it's been closed off, so you'll have to go or up or down in order to go to the opposite end. so where did everything go? here's your guide:
when you ask the salesladies what's going on, all they can say is "renovation," but one was updated enough to inform us that SSI was taking over the floor. that dang SSI, they're taking over everything! (including our wallets!) our DPA (deep-penetrating agent, just like ricky lo has) told us that debenhams will be taking over the whole section. which begs a variation of the above questions: why? is debenhams in shangri-la plaza doing that well that a second branch is direly needed? or required by the principals? who shops there? because every time we enter the shang store, it's almost always empty. well, we know who's going to be happy: clarins institut and its clients. the music at U was just too damn loud, you could hear it boom-booming and feel the walls vibrating while getting a facial. how relaxing is that??

SALE! SALE! SALE! (text message alerts!)
• from the paul smith mobile: offering a sale on autumn/winter 2005 items. G4 and shang.
• your wish is our command as we indulge you with our all-out jewelry sale from saturday, may 13 til sunday, may 28. as much as 30-60% off on pieces from wouters & hendrix, alexis bittar, greenbeads, vaubel and julie sandlau. super chic, these spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces are must-have additions to your jewel boxes. itsie-bitsie boutique is at 1755 adriatico st., malate, manila, 522-8592.
• puma closing-out sale! new deliveries everyday! at mondragon house, 324 sen. gil puyat ave., makati city.


Anonymous said...


It's still the same game they're playing since I left.

Kawawa naman sila.

Maddy said...

What else do you expect from those who just have the money, but no experience in fashion? Tell me, what are SSI's credentials exactly. Did any of them ever study fashion merchandising? They've got money, that's it. Other than that, they dont know s^&*t. When will they ever hire someone as experienced as the late Kal Ruttenstein, or even a Tom Ford (gosh do they even know him...but I know you met him once!) They are too proud and too stupid to admit that they don't know enough about their business. Then they blame their poor staff.

And what really bothers me is that they own both Marks and Spencer and Debenhams here in the Philippines. These are 2 competing brands in London!!!! They should be axed!!!!

I am absolutely waiting for the day when they will absolutely learn their lesson...ayayay...tsk tsk..une amere deception...

Anonymous said...

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Your writing is so easy to read too.

Keep up the great work, thefashpack!

Anonymous said...

whoa the pictures are sad images of manila retail. isn't it funny how crossings in shang was replaced by another bore, debenhams. *yawn* as for U, for a while i noticed that it was ridiculously "crowded" with merchandise. tacky ones at that...

i agree with maddy. what they care to do is to bring supposedly "hot" brands from overseas and stuff it in their stores - all without a strategy. maybe it's poor assortment planning. again, revert to merchandising 101. i hope they send their heirs to fashion merch school to get a clearer picture. that's more substantial than just working the billboards/modeling for their own stores or labels.

Anonymous said...

With regard to your comment re the need for a second Debenhams store when you've observed that the Shang branch is almost always void of people when you go...I think that is true for many stores of that mall. It's dead for most of the time during the week, only coming to life late afternoon to early evening. It does better during the weekend. The mall seriously needs a shot in the arm. Also I think part of the brand building strategy dictates that a Makati store be opened because - as you and the Metro Manila fashionphiles know, you ain't anywhere until you're in Makati. Just a few thoughts from someone in the fashion merchandising side of the industry. =)

Cecilia Dean Gdorf said...

I absolutely agree with the fashpack. Such waste of space...I would truly love to see the sales figures of this store to truly justify filling that floor at Rustan's...I know Debenham's did well for a short while, and months later, SSI gave a lame excuse that the brand is experiencing its birthing pains. It's so bull...So much for fashion merchandising 101.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've heard the sales figs of Debenhams. It's doing well enough for the principals and the franchise owner to be happy (and they don't have low expectations). If it wasn't doing well, the principals would not continue their relationship with the franchisee. And from what I've heard, there are more stores down the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fashpack!

Would you know up until when the puma sale will be? I went to Shang this weekend to buy myself some puma sneaks but lo and behold, another window papered from floor to ceiling :(

the fash pack said...

the puma sale is ongoing at planet sports "warehouse" outlets in mondragon house, market! market! and club 650 in libis. but if you want to wait, they'll be having a big sports sale at the rockwell tent on june 1-4. mark the days!

Anonymous said...

The Debenhams store inside Rustan's Makati is now open. It looks quite different from the Shangri-La branch. More breathing room for the clothes. Nice lighting.