Friday, May 19, 2006

manny's exhibit

last night, we attended an art exhibit opening of businessman manny padilla (for those who are old enough to remember, this is the guy who launched chico computers back in the 80s) titled "room series" at the milky way building on pasay road (or now known as arnaiz avenue, why, we don't know, since no one calls it that). most of manny's friends didn't realize that he painted at all, and that is what makes this exhibit extra special. the sale of the works are for the benefit of the essenses foundation, and partly for the benefit of our friend toni abad who recently discovered she had breast cancer and started chemo treatment. toni gave a very touching, and at the same time informative, speech. workaholic that she was (she worked for rustan's cosmetics & toiletries division for many years till last february), she never thought that she would ever get cancer; fact is, no one ever does, which is why she stressed the importance of awareness, and more importantly, awareness of your own body and any changes you may notice. toni herself noticed a lump in her breast late last year, but because she was so busy, ignored it for months. when she finally took the time to go to the doctor (or doctors; she sought a second and a third opinion), it was discovered that she had stage 1 cancer, which fortunately, would still be receptive to chemotherapy. "young or old, healthy or not, and even if your family does not have a history of cancer, it can hit anyone," said toni. so, ladies, take the time to do a breast self examination at least once a month. it may save your life.


cvs said...

sorry to hear about toni.
is she losing her hair na?
will be praying for her.

Maddy said...

More prayers for Toni and her family

Anonymous said...

i'll be praying for toni. i can't think of a person with more life than her.