Monday, May 08, 2006

a mother's day gift suggestion (it's just a suggestion)

mother's day is next sunday, may 14, so hop to it and get her a present! (we should listen to our own advice because we don't have anything yet either...) now how would you like to give her the poor man's hello kitty (or should we say poor copy?), but she's not that poor apparently because she's dressed in designer gowns.
now didn't the original kitty get dressed by different designers too several years ago? except we think they were hello kitty mascots, so they weren't terribly cute but nakakata-cute, haha! shangri-la plaza had three of the four designer kitties on display when we dropped by (the fourth was in power plant). ok, let's start the catwalk!
JC buendia's kitty is in a two-piece gown of off-white patchwork brocade. the corset has a tulle accent that wraps around the shoulders and has a vintage brooch pinned to the hip.
dita sandico-ong's kitty is wearing a gown made of her signature blend of indigenous abaca, piƱa and banana fiber. the skirt has layers of beaded mauve and orange, while the sabrina-neckline top has a vest-like thingy accent.
kate torralba's kitty (wait, wasn't she a designer for the original hello kitty? just asking...) is all sweetness and light with this frothy confection. the pepto-bismal pink gown is overflowing with ruffles and, of course, has kate's trademark matching purse (and hat!).

how to get your hands on one? simply purchase one unstuffed animal at animaland and get it stuffed with stuffing with their stuffing machine (yes, the poor furry things look like carcass hanging on hooks just waiting to be brought back to life and to be given a new home, awww) and you get a raffle stub for the chance to win one of the four. so, no, they're not for sale! (animaland located at shangri-la plaza, power plant, alabang town center and citywalk 2 eastwood.)

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