Monday, May 15, 2006

new fashion haunt: independent lifestyles

we almost thought it was a mistake to enter power plant mall yesterday. it was crazy full of people! who knew mother's day would get men off their butts and into the mall? they were eating into our breathing space! we were wondering what was going on as we went from floor to floor and there they were, leaning on the railing, either pretending to be so interested in their mobile phones or looking longingly at the floor down below. apparently, they were all waiting for their wives or mothers or grandmothers who were inside the stores shopping! in the end it wasn't a mistake because there was a sign that drew us towards the independent lifestyles section on the second floor.
there's something new happening in this dead space of power plant, where they've been trying to lure customers to, to no avail. several shops have come and gone (lily, sole & co.), or moved to the main floor (topshop, nullah), but there are new kids on the block. seems rockwell picked the most popular stalls from their bazaar last march and invited them to open shop at the independent lifestyles section. the list on the right side of the sign are the existing stalls; the ones on the left are new. this past weekend two of them opened. first up:

remember how we reported last march 24 that irene's closet moved from its bel-air village home to a palm village office building? well, irene certainly is moving up! (and out of palm village.) she's now a bona fide retailer, laying the groundwork for her empire, naks! let's go shopping, shall we?
of course, not to miss, her signature crafty necklaces
vintage clothing from japan
matching denim for your doggy by foxxy fibby (they've got full ensembles, plus hats, shoes and bags!)
authentic handmade moroccan shoes by L&L
funky summer hats by earl gariando
more necklaces by sepa and frankie

tomorrow, we shall introduce you to pilar. and before we forget, topshop and dorothy perkins are having their annual spring sale! since friday! up to 70% off! till the end of the month! go!

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Kat Lalisan said...

Great! Thanks for the post...any publicity for the exhibit is much apreciated. The feedback for it has been highly positive. A lot of people have expressed interest in the items displayed. We're so excited about the new stores coming into Independent Lifestyles. Stay tuned!