Thursday, May 11, 2006

shoe news

just got this text message a few hours ago: "summer just got sizzling hot! schu's buy 1-take 1 sale is back! don't miss this rare event! come and visit our branches at the ground floor of glorietta 3 and at the second floor of SM megamall A, from may 12 to 27, 2006." we certainly hope they didn't mean buy 1-take 1 to make a pair... the sale is probably also a closing-out sale for the glorietta branch. relax, schu fans, they aren't closing forever; they just managed to score the space next door, which furla used to occupy.
schu is currently renovating the former furla space and will move in by the last week of may. remember when this singaporean brand was first introduced in manila a couple years ago as x:odus? then last year, the name was changed to schu, which we think is better suited to the merchandise because how the hell do you pronounce x:odus anyway?

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