Monday, May 01, 2006

summer shopping report

summertime… and the living is easy… well, maybe for some people. holy week may be over but we’re pretty sure the vacation-planning isn’t. before you head out for your summer hols, make sure you have the right gear to get you going. and since today is labor day and you get a day off work, there's time to go shopping. here are some discoveries we made over the weekend.

1. first you need luggage to lug all your stuff, and we’re pretty impressed with the line marc newson designed for samsonite black label. the “scope” collection is made of some high-tech material and comes in juicy orange and lemon (sounds like a band…), so they’re easy to spot on the baggage carousel. we saw this display at power plant. the largest suitcase (ideal for a three-day trip—without pasalubong ha!) costs P31,890. it’s still cheaper than a mini speedy!

2. what’s a week at the beach without some light reading? and you can’t get any lighter than plum sykes. (or make that a day at the beach because that’s how long it took us to read her first book, “bergdorf blondes.”) US vogue's may issue featured an excerpt of her latest, "the debutante divorcée", and the shirttail said “to be published… may 1, 2006,” but we know for a fact that fully booked has had it on its shelves for a couple weeks now. cover price: P672.

3. hot, sticky weather + thick body lotion = eww. we’d like to recommend this new product by bench called baby oil mousse, which feels light on the skin and has a scent that makes us go mmm… it reminds us of johnson’s baby oil mousse, which was introduced in the states back in the 80s. we don’t think it clicked, though, because we no longer see it on drugstore shelves during our trips abroad. but who needs that? this one costs only P75!

4. when you get home from a trek (or even just a day of shopping!), your shoes reek of sweat and, dare we say it, libag (ew!). sink that stink with these sneaker balls spotted at the karl edwards bazaar at NBC tent. they come in small spheres in cool designs (animal prints, florals, golf balls) and different scents (lavender, rose). at P280 a pop (rather, a pair), you’ll have to rotate those balls among your fave kicks. visit the next karl edwards bazaar at NBC tent on may 13-14 or e-mail

5. also spotted at the NBC bazaar, some bling for your ring! bling ring is a franchise from the US, whose services have been used by the likes of paris and jessica. just bring your mobile phone, digital camera or laptop even, and they can stud it with swarovski crystals. prices start as low as P120 for a cute flower motif or your initial, and go as high as P10,000 for the full-bling effect (see right). shiny! visit the next bazaar or e-mail and tell them you read about it at the fash pack!

6. protect your ipod, cell, digi cam and PDA from sand with le sac! of course these are blatant copies of the ipod socks by apple. the difference is the ipod sock retails for P420 each at mobile 1, and le sac is free! that is, if you spend at least P2,000 at marithé + françois girbaud. the sign said “till supplies last,” but the saleslady said the promo ends april 30 (yesterday!). but when we asked to see the sac, they still had over a dozen left. so who will you believe?

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