Friday, May 12, 2006

top shop: nullah

the first nullah opened about four years ago on jupiter street, bel-air village, makati city. since then, they opened a second branch in power plant mall's independent lifestyles section, then moved that to the second floor area, then moved the jupiter street branch into its own building, a few doors down. tonight they opened their third branch in glorietta 4.
aside from the usual ribbon-cutting, flowing wine (and iced tea for teetotalers), and catered buffet, there were a couple of mannequins that attracted our attention...

...when out of the corner of our eye, we swore that one of them moved!

so it wasn't our bad eyesight, they were both human mannequins that gave shoppers a bit of a shock when they would suddenly jerk to change pose. one of the owners told us that they were part of a group of mimes that performed regularly on the roxas boulevard baywalk. the three pretty sisters behind nullah, below, from left, chi-chi, lani and analei:

so the next time you want to buy something a little exotic, a little ethnic, a little unique, you know where to go. and take note that each branch sells different items. and if that ain't enough, nullah is opening a fourth branch at mall of asia in about two weeks.


Anonymous said...

ugly mannequins

Mikee said...

are those men??