Thursday, June 29, 2006

esprit envy

remember esprit back in the 80s? it was the zara of its day—the hot brand, the status symbol among teens and young women. we loved those huge catalogs they used to release every season, often using their own employees as models. the company had a real family feel to it and we “met” the couple that started it all, doug and susie tompkins, and the rest of their “family” through those catalogs. and who can forget those trips to san francisco every summer, where a visit to the esprit warehouse was a must! we even got to tour their offices, which was bright, full of plants, and the blonde-wood floors forbade anyone to wear high heels—it was that casual! then the couple divorced, sales dropped, the brand was bought by a chinese company, and esprit lost its direction and luster. we grew up on esprit and we would like nothing more than to see the revival of this much-loved brand of children of the 80s. so we were happy to see the local distributor, cinderella, doing its part to bring back interest in esprit. they renovated first its SM megamall branch, then its glorietta branch, which had a formal opening last thursday. the basement, which was beginning to look a little like a dingy tiangge, has been transformed into the esprit we see in other countries, like hong kong and singapore: bright, arranged systematically and with those distinct blonde-wood floors! maybe now, it can lure customers away from the zaras and the mangos and back into their fold. photos to be posted later! gotta go to bed!

UPDATE: a few looks from the fashion show...

before the show ended, they introduced 10 "real" young women as the EDC (esprit de corp) models... but they walked by so fast that we couldn't catch their names or their pictures, so we don't know who's who. oops, we even cut someone off on the extreme left. but we asked and found who they were. ladies and gentlemen, the EDC models (you'll just have to guess who's who):
• noelle hernandez - 2006 cinderella image model
• kriselle yatco - boxing enthusiast
• kat cruz - fashion associate, just shop
• katrina domingo - psychology major, de la salle university
• michelle robles - integrated marketing ad communications graduate, university of asia and the pacific
• isabelle de venecia - 3rd generation cindrerella marketing corporation
• ciara marasigan - accessories designer
• anne matoto - MTV marketing manager
• jessica keinle - belly dancer/model
• alexi alunan - commercial model/spanish tutor

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