Thursday, June 15, 2006

fanny's foot blush

we know it's been raining out lately. it's raining right now as we write. so does that mean, "rainy season" has officially begun? does that mean we can no longer wear—or SHOULDN'T wear—flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles, and anything open-toe or made of fabric? well, in this day and age of global warming and unpredictable changes in the weather, we should probably ignore the warning signs. besides, each time we go get a foot spa (usually at bench fix salon—only 340 bucks! with pedicure included ;-), we can't help but want to show off the results in strappy sandals or colorful slides. and just when we thought foot scrubs and glossy nail polish were enough to get admiring glances down there, we discover this:
we all know about regular blush for the cheeks, even brush-on highlights for the hair, but for the feet?? we discovered this curious little beauty product at makeup-artist-to-the-stars fanny serrano's salon in quezon city, and tita fanny (as everyone calls him) says it's one of his most requested products, especially this past summer when everyone was in flip-flops and sandals. and what does it do? well, just like regular blush, it turns your talampakan pink. "para mukhang smooth at healthy," says TF. how to use it: fill a planggana with enough warm water to cover your feet, dissolve about two capfuls of the candy-scented foot blush powder, dip your clean feet in, and relax for about 15 minutes. your soles will take on a pinkish tinge, which look really sexy from the back, as you walk away in your strappy footwear. (almost as sexy as christian loboutin's red soles! but way cheaper!) fanny serrano foot blush, P145, available at fanny serrano salon boutique, 69 scout rallos st., quezon city, tel 925-5251.


g.knotee said...

cool idea! especially in a country where tsinelas is the national footwear. would you know if someone's selling it in makati?

Anonymous said...

parang ang sarap kainin. foot in mouth! lol