Monday, June 05, 2006

new shang shops, part 1

last thursday we went to shangri-la plaza to attend the formal opening of a new shop at the third level. remember faro, the shop for plus-size women located in the figaro area? well, the owners decided to move that into rustan's and since their lease for the space wasn't up they decided to put up another shop. meet the women behind religioso, a last name shared by these two attractive sisters, yvette and choc:

they design the clothes, which are manufactured in their little atelier, located in pasig city, where you can have made-to-measure clothes done. take a look at some of their feminine pieces:

inside the shop, they also had a few of those shorts so popular this past summer and beyond:

the prices are quite competitive. shirts and skirts are priced at about 1k+ while dresses start at about 3k+. oh, and don’t forget to visit their other shop on the fifth level, studio 546 beauty salon, where one of our favorite “beauticians” (such a retro term!), eric maningat, is the head stylist.


vj said...

"beautician" thats not retro! its gurang! haha. im kidding!

i love the fash pack!

dubz_101 said...

Cool blog!! thanks!

Anonymous said...

religioso is indeed a fabulous store. =) I'm good friends with Choc actually, we went to fashion school together. Both of us have a spot in Sykat Couture shop (Dona Consolacion bldg, right under Fibre). Hope you guys can check our spot out too. I love your blog, by the way. =)

Czarina Villa