Tuesday, June 06, 2006

new shang shops, part 2

yesterday's post deserves a part 2 because of the many little discoveries we made at shangri-la plaza since our last visit there, as reported a couple months ago. first, remember this from last february?
after five months, it now looks like this:
finally! it took long enough! tyler is young manila society's favorite local boutique, which is partly owned by eman pineda. we're almost sure we saw him in the store assisting customers, but since we haven't seen the guy in years, we can't be 100% positive. the shop-in-shop, which opened just a week ago, has a predominantly black-and-white collection. there are a lot of poufy skirts, a trend that will continue into the fall/winter season (think volume). prices are not bad—for a little over P3,000 you can get a little black dress for your next cocktail party. classic white shirts with a quirky twist go for P2,000+; same with the skirts. and if you rush rush rush, you can get up to 70% off on their shoes and bags! (oops, rush rush rush to the glorietta 4 branch for that, till june 7 only!). (UPDATE: extended till june 13!)

and we don't know if anyone will care, but the first ecco shoe store has opened at the old beauty bar location (which has moved into the episode/jessica shop, part of which is closed because it is undergoing renovation. oh?).
before (like back-in-the-80s before), every time we hear the word echo, we think of echo and the bunnymen, one of our favorite new wave bands from england (ian mcculloch was our crush!). now when we hear the word echo, we think of mr. eko, that big, black man from "lost". (some people think of jericho rosales, but not us, mas type namin si diether, but wait, this has nothing to do with anything...) so what is ecco? the website says they are shoes designed to move you. well, maybe you, but not us. average price of the women's shoes is between P5,000-6,000, more expensive than aerosoles and naturalizer, shoe brands in the same category. and quite pricey for the dowdy styles, which come in mostly boring black. we have to be honest and say we've never shopped at any ecco store abroad, so is this all there is to it? at least aerosoles and naturalizer have updated their designs and have more trendy styles in fun colors. but there IS a handbag we like there—it's a green canvas tote with floral embroidery and tan suede handles. cute!

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