Thursday, June 08, 2006

not for japayukis only

platforms are like the hot shoe this season, and if you haven't purchased a pair yet, better get going because the trend will continue on to fall/winter. but they aren't that easy to find here. but find them for you we did, all the way to cubao, at the marikina shoe expo. back in the 70s, this was the place to go (aside from shoe mart, of course) when you wanted new shoes. this was where we bought our regulation black leather shoes for school, usually by gregg. these days, half the shoe stores have closed and in their place are thrift shops and art galleries and boutiques run by these cool people, none of whom we've met because whenever we visit it's either too early in the day or too late at night, IOW, they're all closed! so if you like these:
donna karan
brian atwood
proenza schouler
you'll like these:
available at this shop:
unfortunately, we don't know how much they cost because, yes, the shop was closed. in fact, it was padlocked and its mail was piling up by the door. baka hindi nagbabayad ng rent. or maybe they went back to japan. who knows? but if you think pumps are just too prim and proper for you, walk across to:
and go crazy over these!


neener said...

just wanted to ask the price range for the second store..

you guys are greaaaaat..fash pack rox!
can i suggest for salon reviews, pretty please?!


Anonymous said...

fashionista for the month would be greaaaaaaatt..ehmagawd.thats a total DO for the fash pack..hope to see that coming!

Anonymous said...

I WANT I WANT I WANT CHUNKY SHOES!!!! I think they still have some at Makati Cinema Square;-)

the fash pack said...

thanksssssss, too, neener! about those platform sandals, we saw a few on sale for 300 bucks, but the average price was about P500-700. Cheap, 'no?

Anonymous said...

eeew. Not THOSE platforms from the 70's. The new platforms I like, but the ones in cubao that you showed are ridiculous. Yes, designers favored "chunky" this year, but not a 3-inch lift in front in a wide square shape. hahaha.