Friday, June 23, 2006

rustan's vs shopwise

we heard about this secret sale happening in rustan's. secret because it was being held only at the harrison plaza branch, the rustan’s that time (and rustan’s loyalists) forgot. secret because we don’t think they advertised the sale. secret because we were told that the discontinued brands would all be transfered there. so yesterday we braved the swarm of reckless jeepneys circling the place and went. entering harrison plaza is like entering a time warp. we don't think they've ever renovated. you have to understand, harrison plaza was one of the first, if not the first, mall in the philippines. of course this was back in the 70s, when SM was still literally just a shoe mart, and the land glorietta occupies now was wide open space. to this day, though, harrison plaza is the only mall that has a traditional anchor on each end—it’s the only one that has both rustan’s and SM. (glorietta doesn’t count; SM is detached from the mall.) anyway, back to the sale. rustan’s, harrison plaza is so small that you can make one round in two minutes flat. and in those two minutes, we didn’t see anything exciting. there were a lot of things on sale, though, mostly house brands like U, criselda and jill. items that used to cost thousands of pesos, now all less than a thousand. but of course, they’re seasons old. unfortunately, we didn’t feel like digging through piles or rifling through racks just to find that one gem, so we left empty-handed. well, almost. we did buy a set of four white espresso cups, on sale from P645, down to P275. score! frustrated and still itching to shop, we headed to shopwise downstairs (where rustan’s supermarket used to be). we love to shop at shopwise! patterned after american supersupermarkets like target, kmart and wal-mart, we like the soshal way they display their merchandise. parang states…

and if you're not sure about the price of an item, you can use this little machine to scan the bar code, and voila! the price pops up!
and who would’ve thought we would get our fashion fix here. look, rib-knit tank tops! so many colors! so cheap! you can buy one in every color!
and as an elite-card-carrying member of shopwise, we always receive a little gift every time we shop there. sometimes we get packaged cookies, last month it was a mother's day kit of dove soap and bimpo, this time it was a father's day set of deodorant, bath soap and a pricey gillette razor! PS: shopwise closes at 11pm, so you can pop in for a late-night shopping fix for food or fashion.


quinosabe said...

i love shopwise too! whenever my mom does the groceries, i come along and just hang out in the fashion sections coz it's so nice! grabe!

Anonymous said...

Shopwise rocks! Imagine not having to rush home after work or late meetings because it's open until 11 pm. That's so cool. And they have everything I'm looking for, rarely out of stock. They're organized and the staff seem to have high level of morale. I guess it's reflective of the people who run it. I can imagine they're nice people because all the employees seem to have a happy disposition.

Now that Shopwise has acquired Ruistans, I can't wait for the transformation. Rustans supermarket badly needed a renovation -- from the top at that!

Love the fash pack!