Monday, June 26, 2006

target targets couture

this past weekend, we didn't leave the house except to go to mass on sunday. we didn't even leave the bedroom. in fact, we never stood up from sitting in front of the computer. we surfed. we lurked. we hopped. we chatted. we e-mailed. we googled. we you tubed. the one thing we didn't do was blog. 'la lang. tamad. but today we're going to share something amusing we found on-line. our favorite american retailer, target, known for its cheap and chic clothing, launched last month a new high-end line called targèt couture (note the accent on the e, so it's really pronounced tar-zhay). sold only at hip LA boutique intuition, targèt couture has pricey skinny jeans, cashmere hoodies, embroidered tees, and lookey! a limited-edition leather-trimmed canvas duffle bag with an all-over bull's-eye logo, pretty steep by target standards at US$115.
but that's cheap compared to this goyard croisière 35 owned by the bag hag, which costs US$1690 at (even more when you add the customized crown and monogram!).
(goyard photo credit: the bag hag)
and what about this canvas tote (US$55) with an in-your-face logo:
it looks a lot like chuvaness's red louis vuitton globe cabas shopper:
(louis vuitton photo credit: chuvaness)
ano ba 'yan? kaloka!


Mrs.T (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Oh dear! Target could be the next "target" of lawsuits by LVMH with that target couture cabas! *shocker* Walmart was already hit. Rats, and I like target too-- *sniff* A LOT.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that $115 dufle bag can be compared to the baghag's $1690 croisiere 35. That's an insult to the baghag and to Goyard.

Anonymous said...


Where can i get that target tote bag like chuvaness of LV?

Anonymous said...

Are you blind ?
No wonder your full of ex's
ex model, ex stylist , ex-editor in chief, ex model, ex tv host.Your full of XXXXXXXXXXX Passe !
This post was done in bad taste.