Monday, June 19, 2006

what we did last friday

last friday, we attended an exhibit at store for all seasons. titled “small, medium, large and furry,” it featured crochet characters by sharon see (the furry), mini installations by genie ranada (the small), and paintings by lala gallardo and gel jamlang (the medium and the large). our favorites were the crochet “monsters” by sharon see. we really regret not learning how to crochet from our grandmother, and now that our dear “mama” is gone, we will never learn how, sob, sad :’-( check the artwork out (up till july 7), they're all for sale! (and a lot already sold.)
sharon see's "seemore butts":
and our favorite "otto":

mini installations by genie ranada:
"last pair"
medium-sized paintings by lala gallardo
large-sized painting by gel jamlang

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Anonymous said...

before sharon got into her monsters, she made lovely crocheted clutches. i was lucky enough to receive one from her before her trip to china.