Wednesday, July 19, 2006

busy bees

haaaay, hello, the fash pack readers, we know it's been a while since you last saw us. it's just that we've been busy bees running around like headless chickens always dog tired. tonight we were again social butterflies and attended two events (there was a third but we weren't invited to that ;-). first was the launch of singapore airline's new service to barcelona held at the hotel inter-continental. we've never been to barcelona and it's been our dream to see the awesome (read: wacky) architecture of gaudi, so when the receptionist asked us to drop off our calling card in the fishbowl for the raffle, we were praying we would win a first-class ticket for two to barça. shucks, no such luck, the raffle was for a princess cruise. that would've worked too... as expected, the food was paella and tapas, the drinks were torres wines and cava, and the entertainment was flamenco dancers. inter-con was also launching its spanish food festival, which will be on till next month. inter-con has to generate a little interest in their hotel since it has to suffer a bit while it undergoes a major "facelift." for example, half its rooms are closed due to renovation, and don't even think about going to prince albert. here's a close-up of that sign: but everything will be ready by around september/october. after this event, it was a hop, skip and a jump to citrus over at glorietta 2 where lancôme was launching "color fever," a new lipstick line. the attire required was "dance fever fashion! red hot glam, glittering gold chic or sexy hot pink." we were in hot pink, we don't know about the sexy... the lipstick was presented by four types of dancers:
flamenco (again!)
belly dancer
charleston (this girl was cute, she made the straight guys in the audience suddenly pay attention)
then this hot pink lady pops out of the giant lipstick and passes out lipsticks, not to us, but to the dancers. so we didn't get to see the lipstick up close or even get to try it. all we got was this picture: at least it's a nice picture...

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