Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the fash cam: designer bags

the fash pack was inspired by the bag hag's brag-a-bag contest, so we decided to gather our designer bags and catalog them in iphoto a la chuvaness. well, we got as far as two dozens, then we got tired, so we gave up. it's not that we have lots of designer bags—well, certainly not compared to some people!—it's just that we acquire them, use them, then toss them into the closet, only to forget about them because we got a new one. of course, there are those we always go back to again and again (hello, speedy!), but the rest, well, what is tresor for? but it's so hard to part with them!! <-said in a whiney voice... well, to be honest we haven't purchased a new designer bag in years (a year and a half actually), and in all that time we just had to live vicariously. and in this town, that ain't hard. thank god for these women! (and one man ;-)
celine and her gucci
peewee and her vivienne westwood
ling ling and her prada
mons and her fendi
ruby and her rafé
jenna and her christian dior
jenni and her louis vuitton
kat and her chloé
cindy and her YSL
bryanboy and his dolce & gabbana

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