Sunday, July 09, 2006

off to the farm

the last time we were in baguio was six years ago, and before that, gee, maybe cory was still president (IOW, we don’t remember). but what we do remember is never leaving the city. who knew there was more to benguet than the city? there is la trinidad, the capital, and where the strawberry fields and farms are, where all those fresh veggies in the market come from. since summer is over, there were no more strawberries to be had, so we visited two organic farms with little restaurants that serve produce picked straight from their gardens. first up, tomay farms. pay attention to these signs:

the inside was cozy and charming… but the outside was even better: our fresh salad, homemade empanaditas, tarragon tea, and two kinds of their own dressing. plus pasalubong! they make their own banana chips and potato chips flavored with different kinds of herbs and spices (tarragon, mint, lemon, dill, fennel, marjoram, orgeano, sage, catnip, coriander, etc!). (how to get there: drive down to end of session road towards the market, then turn right on magsaysay avenue. when you see baguio central mall on the right, turn left under the pedestrian overpass. just follow the road and you'll reach a mini flyover, go up, and you're now on la trinidad road. just mosey on and when you see the golden arches, you're on the right track. at the end of the road you can't miss benguet provincial capitol; turn right. follow the winding road, and you'll finally spot tomay farms on the left.)

next on this "out of town" trip was eve's garden. just like tomay farms, you need to make a reservation, then the couple that owns it will prepare a set menu for you, usually comprised of two to three viands plus fresh, organically grown veggies of course. of course we didn't have a reservation, so we were met with just the lovely view... (for reservations, call or text 0917-506-6264 or 0920-947-6264. how to get there: follow the above directions, but just before you reach the golden arches, i.e., mcdonald's, turn left at the street in between the petron gas station and la trinidad public market. there's probably a sign with an arrow that says upper lamtang—that's where you want to go. drive down and watch out for the road on the left that leads you up the hills. zig-zag up and down and watch out for eve's garden on the left.)

tomorrow, the fash pack goes shopping. where to ukay-ukay...

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