Tuesday, August 29, 2006

all the world's a stage

if you use a nokia phone, raise your hand. we see a lot of hands out there, including ours. (although our nokia is an ancient one. hmmm, we don't even know what the model number is...) last night it was all about the new nokia Nseries. the invitation was a dead giveaway that we would be seeing some movies at the launch. hello, it was popcorn! (albeit in a weird pesto flavor.) after the usual cocktails and cam-whoring outside, people were led inside the ayala museum for speeches and a showing of the nokia Nseries ad, which has been all over TV for the last couple weeks. we love gary oldman, to us he's like the rock star of hollywood actors (he used to be married to uma thurman, you know), but love him or not, this is one of the best commercials we've seen recently. good thing too for nokia because most of their TV ads have been duds—really corny and boring stuff that made us go "huh??" they were really being left behind by sony ericsson, samsung, and jeez, even motorola! they were probably resting on their laurels, but watch it, nobody fawns over nokia phones anymore. but things may change with the N93. then a black maze was unveiled that had seven TVs, each one showing a mini-movie filmed by seven local filmmakers using the N93 mobile phone with video camera. ok, let's get one thing straight, these pix are just peeks into the videos. the DVD given away specifically said "this DVD and its contents are not for public exhibition." (does this blog count as public exhibition?) anyhoo, we encourage you to go see the mini-movies, which will be on exhibit at the greenbelt 3 cinema lobby from september 1-10, and tell us which one is your favorite!
"puppy love" by manolo abaya
"the last gag of buster quizon" by khavn de la cruz
"the dark" by pepe diokno
"change the world" by raul jorolan
"most beautiful girl" by mark meily
"road trip" by raul ona
"upos" by mark querubin


Wendy said...

Hi! I think the actor's name is Gary Oldman.

the fash pack said...

oops, you're right, time to edit! we've made this same mistake before... (note to selves: it's gary oldman and todd oldham, it's gary oldman and todd oldham...)