Thursday, August 24, 2006

another three in one, continued

after getting loaded on caffeine at the diet coke, oops, coke light dinner, we knew we couldn't go home yet. why waste the buzz? we headed to greenbelt 2 for two events. nuvo was hosting a jewelmer party with free-flowing moët—we're there!—and models showing off some of their lovely pearl jewelry. like what you see? models tutay (left) and isabel. no wonder isabel wasn't at the coke show. she happens to be rhett's muse (and discovery), so she always either opens or closes his show. well, she still got to wear rhett last night. doesn't she look like angelina jolie?? love those lips! after the bubbly ran out, we were offered this new drink called chill, a premium beer by carlsberg, which they insist is not light beer or some sissy alco-pop drink. finally, our last stop was the opening of the newly renovated temple bar (is it still a restaurant?). the configuration is still the same, they just pretty much painted everything white, even the buddha. and wouldn't you know it? attire requested was white, in order to match the interiors. how convenient for those of us who came from the coke light event. needless to say, temple was packed with familiar faces, many of whom we recognized as regulars of embassy. does this mean the embassy habitués have found a new home? either way, erik cua wins; he owns both.


Anonymous said...

who's the pearl jewelries by?

the fash pack said...

the pearl jewelry is by jewelmer.