Wednesday, August 23, 2006

another three in one

tonight was another one of those TTN (tuloy-tuloy na) nights, when you hop from one event to another, and through each one the more sloshed you get. and the more sloshed you get, the less you remember. it doesn't help either when you take less pictures, which are supposed to serve as a reminder of how what happened where (as in, why do we have a stamp on our wrist? who's calling card is this in our purse? why is there a lipstick-kiss mark on the hem of our dress? :-o)
first was the launch of the new packaging of coke light (which we can't get over calling diet coke, which was its original name, and which it still is called in the states) called "all white, no black." actually there is some black—the new coke light has a rim of black at the top, so if the can you're holding has a red rim, old stock yan. and of course, the drink itself is black. the entire rockwell tent was dressed in white, including the air-conditioning units. oh, they were always white... there was one long curvy runway and guess what it also served as the dinner table! how very dries van noten! look at this beautiful set-up: of course, what added to the ambience was that guests were asked to come in all-white. and of course, after the delicious south-beach-friendly dinner catered by florabel there was an all-white fashion show by rajo laurel, patrice ramos-diaz, and rhett eala. who is your favorite? let's look at the clothes, then you decide...
rajo laurel:

patrice ramos-diaz:

rhett eala:

there was also an exhibit of diether ocampo's photographs of his fellow showbiz folk, and he was there to receive a check of P100,000 from coca-cola for his KIDS (kabatahan inyong dapat suportahan) foundation. sigh, isn't he perfect? guapo na, mabait pa, multi-talented pa, tapos generous pa! kristine, you are one lucky biatch! to be continued good night!


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kudos to the creative minds behind this event.