Thursday, August 31, 2006

eye on i-on

click on the picture to read all about life in the D2N lane!


Anonymous said...

Play & party from dusk 'til dawn with ION energy drink in the ION Day2Night (D2N) launch party. August 31, Thursday @ Embassy in The Fort.

Play in the Fort Strip starting 8AM and Party starting 6PM in Embassy. Taste the new flavor of energy with hot party DJs Chewi, Martin Pulgar, Owens Sun, Rhett Eala, Jenny Epperson and Robbie Carmona. Also, meet our ION Clique (Alessandra Tinio, Christine San Diego, Richie Santos, Rovilson Fernandez and Owens Sun).

Play. Party. Pretty people. See you there!

Le Homme Scandiliath said...

Hi. I know this is a little off topic but A friend of mine wont reveal to me a secret thats coming out in AMERICAN VOGUE. apparently after bea valdes was featured twice theres another filipina thats going to be featured for the october 2006? would you happen to know who this is?