Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the fash pack is bored...

the fash pack is bored. yes, we said that already, but we said it again because we're bored. why are we bored? because there's nothing to write about. wait, we take that back. there's actually lots to write about. like the exhibit launched last night at power plant to promote the shops at the independent lifestyles section of the mall. the mall commissioned 16 stylists—freelance and from different publications—to each style an outfit using clothes and accessories from shops in the independent lifestyles section. the outfits were modeled by two models, with hair and makeup done by the shu uemura team, and photographed by paolo pineda on location at the underground parking of the mall. the results were unveiled last night and will be on exhibit till thursday this week. so catch it if you can because *insert sheepish grin* we have no pictures to post. why? sigh... we were too lazy to take pictures... sometimes you just wanna make chicka with the guests while sipping (more like gulping) free wine. from that chicka we found out that all the photos on exhibit took one entire day to produce, from like 9 in the morning till 3am the next day. paolo said it was the longest shoot he ever experienced in his [young] career so far. madugo, as they say. here's the list of stylists (click to enlarge to read names):
oops, before we forget, the much anticipated rockwell vintage bazaar happening this weekend august 19-20 at the rockwell tent. don't spend all your pay-day cash just yet! save some for the "marché"!

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Kat L said...

Here's an update on that exhibit, guys: due to the high level of interest in the photos, we've decided to keep them up for longer than planned... They'll be on display at the South Court (near Zara) starting Friday. For those of you who haven't seen them already, come check them out!

And yeah, madugo talaga yung shoot na yun. But the gathering of stylists and makeup artists was like a big, crazy slumber party...and at the Power Plant Mall parking lot! Who knew?