Friday, August 25, 2006

oh andrea!

prince andrea casiraghi is in town! oops, we were told many times yesterday, he is NOT a prince. but please address him as MISTER casiraghi (even if he IS only 22). the fash pack was invited to the press conference yesterday at the makati shangri-la. it wasn't at the ballroom or at any of the fancy outlets, just in one of the small function rooms. we were expecting to have our bags checked and our bodies frisked, but no, it was like a million other press cons we've attended. we made sure to sit next to the small stage where he was to be seated and interviewed by the moderator. but as soon as he entered, the paparazzi went wild! well, there goes our view... we never sat down again, otherwise all we would see would be alex van hagen's head and the big butts of a hundred photographers... well, what can we say, basta na-in love kami kay andrea. how could we not? he's super cute, so softspoken and polite, but very casual—check out the long tousled blonde locks, the dirty loafers, the frayed hem of his chinos, and what looked like a rubber band on his wrist, maybe to tie his hair back with (we know, we do the same thing, haha!) here's a short video we took, as he answered a question about what impressed him the most during his visit to manila so far:

he's still here (till sunday!) and you can party with him tonight at nuvo. just pay the entrance fee of P1,000, which is your donation to the amade-virlanie foundation (oh yah, that's why he's here, to visit the foundations his grandmother was involved with when she was still alive), and you get a bracelet similar to lance armstrong's live strong. see you there?

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