Sunday, August 20, 2006

three in one

we know it's been a while, but when you write for a living, writing gets in the way (wha?). there's a jumble of words in our head and we just can't put them into order. plus all the big, fat, super-thick september issues are out and it takes up so much time just to finish going through one! then of course, there are the evening events that last till way past midnight. who has time to blog?? take for example, last thursday, we attended no less than three events, one after the other. and to think there were at least three other events that we missed! (mainly because we weren't invited, bah. well, maybe it's better that way. can you imagine gong to six events in one night??) 7pm: the sneak preview of greenbelt 5 by way of an exhibit of one its future tenants, aranaz, held at the greenbelt 3 lobby. (more exhibits by future tenants to come; maybe it's in alphabetical order.) and for those clueless people, hello, greenbelt 5 is not yet open! we actually heard of some guests going around and around looking for greenbelt 5. you'll be going around till next year. this is what GB5 looks like: of course, this was taken a couple months ago, so there's more progress. here is the radiantly pregnant amina aranaz, the creative talent behind those gorgeous bags, which we heard are already being sold at specialty shops in the US. in fact, her bags have even appeared in women's wear daily's accessories special. soon, vogue (you never know)! amina is standing next to her "jet-setter" collection, unique luggage of different sizes made of native material and embroidered with flowers. look at her, glowing! blooming! we want to look like that when we get pregnant :-) some other aranaz bags on display (which will be there till the end of the month)...

9pm: opening of piedra at the fort strip 3/f. it's a new resto/bar with a gothic design that's why the attire requested that night was gothic chic. everybody (except us; we forgot about the dress code) was in black, so we couldn't tell the wait staff from the guests. next time you're there, look for the owner, geri, you can't miss her. here she is in her rhett eala gown:

11pm: after getting our fill of mo√ęt and deviled eggs (yum!) at piedra, we walked down to embassy for the joint birthday party of four of our favorite fashion people—randy ortiz, henri calayag, tonichi nocom and ronald pineda. who knew that this barkada all had birthdays so close to each other? the music was 70s-themed, so there was a lot of "swinging" going on when we got there. the club was filled with their friends and supporters in and out of the industry, so the celebrators were all over the place, we couldn't get them together for a photo. happy birthday, mothers!

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"... when we get pregnant"? Are you planning to???