Saturday, September 30, 2006

M for milenyo

thank god the electricity is back! now we have lights! air-con! TV! INTERNET! it’s been two and a half days since we’ve been able to go online, not since we were sitting at starbucks (it was the only hotspot we could find) at mall of asia last thursday at the height of the typhoon when bam! a big blue letter S suddenly landed on the sidewalk, right outside starbucks' front door. the whopping 130-kph winds were so strong that it ripped off the S in SM, and the sign was left with M. M for milenyo. the wrath that is typhoon milenyo turned the whole metro manila upside down, inside out, the city ended up looking like a war zone. the fierce typhoon signal #4 left trees, both young and old, uprooted... billboards torn down... tents ripped to shreds... trucks tipped over, and look at this: a brand new mall that opened just last may to much fanfare did not withstand one typhoon! henry sy should ban that contractor from doing any of his future malls! this was what was left of that letter S, crushed and smashed by M: and here's the rest of the mall damage tsk-tsk... believe it or not, the guards were stopping people, including us, from taking pictures, even with their cell phones, of the damage. so we demanded to know why. "kasi baka magka-issue tayo," he said. hello, he's the one making an issue out of it! we're surprised neither star nor inquirer included mall of asia in their collage of photos of the aftermath of milenyo. siyempre, big advertiser ang SM, 'no, the biggest, for sure. and if any of you are wondering what the hell we were doing at mall of asia during the eye of a storm, we made the trek to attend the media briefing for this new store: we had to call just to confirm if it was pushing through (because all other events that day wisely canceled), and one of the organizers said, "yes, we will make this a beautiful morning!" lady, you are crazy to push through with this launch, but you know what, we were even crazier to actually go! and so were the 20 or so other press people who actually braved the rains, floods, and flying glass, rocks, and yero!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

guerlain's goodies

beauty junkies are going to go mad! we know we did with last night's dinner hosted by guerlain at je suis gourmand. we haven't been back to this resto located at the fort bonifacio area since we treated our mums to a mother's day dinner last may, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that they expanded to include a private dining room at the back. we were even more surprised to see some of the early birds smoking—we forgot that this wasn't makati! hello, taguig, smoking allowed! okay, before we get into the beauty prods, we have to rave about the food. the menu was divided into three portions, each part inspired by each product being launched. first up was the appetizer of marinated salmon & smoked salmon salad with honey dill sauce, inspired by insolence, the new fragrance by guerlain. we're sure you've seen the ads with their image model, no other than two-time oscar winner hilary swank. quite an unusual choice, considering she's no classic beauty, and some bitchy bloggers have even accused her of looking a little horsey, but shut it, okay, the woman won TWO OSCARS. and wow, that hair! next up was the main course, a choice between sautéed seabass and prawns with linguini and creamy white mushroom jus OR pan-fried veal medallion with roseti potato and fresh tarragon cream sauce. mmm! they both sounded good and short of ordering both, we decided on the fish because we were feeling ladylike and wanted something light. but that veal looked really good. damn, we forgot we were on the semi-atkins diet... the main course was inspired by the new variant of guerlain's new best-selling product, orchidée impériale, which we reported on back in april. now they released a fluid formulation, which is lighter and more suitable to our humid climate. we have to try this product. at P14,000 a bottle, it's got to do something good for our wrinkly skin. but let's see, with P14,000 we can buy a tote bag from kate spade—on sale! decisions, decisions! finally, dessert! most people love dessert, but personally, by the time dessert arrives, we have no more space in our tummy, so we skip it. and with tonight's dessert, well, it was just too pretty, we almost didn't want to touch it... this "dessert surprise" was inspired by guerlain's "precious christmas" collection of cosmetics, as displayed... counterclockwise from center: meteorites perles de velours (P2,898), meteorites reflets de velour (P7,150), radiant colour eyeshadow mono (P1,350), kisskiss lipstick, another eyeshadow, and le poudre c'est moi divine pressed powder with white sapphire sparkles (P4,098), which is our fave product in the lot. the fragrance is already available at rustan's, while everything else will be available starting in november. get on the waiting list now!

Monday, September 25, 2006

guess who what when

do you think you have what it takes to be an international model? if you do, then head on over to your nearest guess store and pick up an application form for the guess faces to watch competition. in time to celebrate 25 years of guess (and 15 years of guess in the philippines) as a young, sexy, adventurous brand, they are launching the second global model search. today guess held a press con at hotel inter-continental—at the former euphoria! it still looks pretty much the same but without the pounding music, the flashing lights, and the ledge dancers. imagine round tables for 10 set up on the dance floor (parang chinese resto, haha!), and buffet tables against the walls so dark that you couldn't see what you were scooping up and throwing onto your plate. but we digress… we always think of guess as the brand that set the trend in advertising where the image was more important than the product. when they launched those innovative black-and-white ads with a young claudia schiffer looking like sex-kitten bridget bardot in her prime, you didn’t really care about the jeans, which you didn’t really see; what you wanted was the lifestyle. after that, they discovered anna nicole smith and styled her like a young marilyn monroe/jayne mansfield va-va-voom bombshell. we even met and interviewed anna nicole when she came to manila back in the early 90s,and the thing we remember most about her was the size of her boobs—each one was the size of our head! well, to tell you the truth, we don’t own anything by guess, but we do remember those ads. they will forever be etched in our minds. but we must mention that this model search is sponsored by guess watches (faces to watch, get it?). on october 1, we will get to meet the finalists at the official launch party at fiamma, and the finals night on october 26 at the glorietta activity center, where out of 20 male and 20 female finalists, five boys and five gals will be picked to be sent to guess owner paul marciano, who will pick a final winner from finalists from all over the world. for details and to check out the finalists from other countries, log on to

Friday, September 22, 2006

anak ng kucha

hello, everyone. if any of you have been paying attention, the fash pack hasn't been posting as regularly as before. unlike other blogs, we choose not to b(l)og you down with the details of why we haven't been around. (do you care to know?? really...) whatevah... we'll just get on with it! tonight we went to the launch of charriol's new collection called... KUCHA! according to apples aberin's column in the inquirer today, kucha is the swahili term for claws—which is the main design element of the watches in charriol's kucha collection. so the watches have little silver claws clutching at the corners of the face. we love the straps of ponyhair prints of leopard spots and zebra stripes, but more conservative types prefer the crocodile textures. the price for the animal-print-strap watches? P69,500. well, whatever, afford or not, those were some attractive timepieces! we wouldn't mind owning a piece of that, especially since they were raffling off some of the kucha jewelry (and no we didn't win and why should we we never win anything anyway). we just had to satisfy ourselves with the view...

and the watches and jewelry as modeled...

and the actual live and living and breathing charriol who was in the house: alexander charriol, the artist son, who actually had an exhibit at the ayala museum a couple years ago... front view of alexander and the charriol models... and back view (can't decide which we prefer, the front or back view)... oops, we forgot to mention that the event was held at the sunset pavilion of the westin philippine plaza, which will soon be renamed sofitel philippine plaza. well, we don't really care what you call your hotel, what we really care about is please just make sure you have enough parking to accommodate all the events you decide to hold in your hotel on any given night! tonight we heard so many stories of people being turned away at the parking because they were full because there were several events happening at the same time (a launch, a wedding, a whatever...), only to be told to park at the PICC, which is like half a mile away, and not everyone has a driver who can drop you off at the hotel, not to mention an umbrella, hello, it was raining!!! jeez, we don't want to get into the whole build-a-whole-establishment-why-don't-you-just-make-sure-you-provide-enough-parking-because-you-make-us-pay-for-it-anyway-and-like-suckers-we-pay-for-it-anyway!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

mango keeps growing

tonight, mango opened its 6th branch in the philippines at the mall of asia (after robinsons place, glorietta 3, power plant mall, shangri-la plaza, gateway mall—did we miss anything?). remember when we first reported last may when mall of asia first opened, and we noticed that mango and zara, the top two spanish fashion brands, were located on top of each other at mall of asia? mango is on the first floor and has the advantage of the spacious lobby, where they held the launch—cocktails, fashion show, unveiling.
<-before & after->
before the fashion show started, and while cocktails were going on, radha (formerly of that band called kulay) performed an acoustic set. nice, but what was the relation to mango? ma! then patty laurel came on to introduce the collection. what is this girl doing these days? we remember a few years back when we felt this girl had a lot of potential as a host, after having won MTV's VJ search, then she went on to host studio 23's "breakfast" show every weekday morning. these days, we have no idea what she does. maybe the same? (note the "uzis" at the back, always a staple at any mall launch.) so let's get on with the show! (directed by robby carmona, styled by charmaine palermo.)

and let's go shopping! this was the frenzy that ensued after the doors opened... and we want you to meet david redondo bermejo, the hombre from mango's back-up team department (whatever that is!). isn't he cool? ¡que mono!

Monday, September 11, 2006

top shop: marionnaud

if you like beauty products, you'll like marionnaud. now open at mall of asia.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

f/w shopping list

wow, it’s already september 3 and the fash pack hasn’t posted in, well, three days. and we haven’t listed down our fashion shopping list for fall/winter 2006! no excuses, but we’ve been sick for a week, and we’re sick of being sick. so we have no energy to go shopping (or at least window shopping). and to think the fall/winter collections are all out and we haven’t had the chance to check them out. (kasi baka mabinat kami, sabi ni lola.) well, before we go out, this is what we’re going to have on our f/w shopping list:
1. leggings. if leggings were the must-have item for spring/summer 2006 and you got a pair, lucky you, because you’ll be using them all throughout this season. they’re not that easy to find, though. maybe now it won’t be so difficult. we found ours at SM department store’s teens department. (outfit by versace)
2. black opaque tights. we have to get a new pair because when we couldn’t find leggings a few months back, we cut the feet off of our tights. but black opaque tights are not that easy to find either. you can get them at shopwise and from dancewear brands like yvonne’s. (outfit by christian lacroix)
3. ankle booties. we’ve already got the black flat knee-high boots, the black high-heel knee-high boots, the brown flat knee-high boots, the brown high-heel knee-high boots. now it’s time to get the ankle-high booties, better with a heel. (boot by giambattista valli)
4. a big bag. and when we say big, it’s not just any big, it’s oversized. and it’s not just any oversized tote or shopper. it’s like incredible-hulk oversized. it’s like you take a regular-sized bag and supersize everything—from the straps to the stitching, from the handles to the hardware. (bag by louis vuitton)
5. platforms. another continuing trend from spring/summer, but in darker colors and more luxurious materials. we want a pair in black to wear with black opaque tights to be worn with a short cocktail dress—the combo will give the illusion of super-long legs and who doesn’t want that?? (shoe by alessandro dell'acqua)
6. bubble. this trend began last season and is even stronger this season. we remember wearing a bubble mini skirt back in the 80s, and for the longest time after that, the thought of it made us go eww! now we kinda wish we kept that little ol’ thing… (outfit by balenciaga)
7. pants: wide vs slim. the skinny jeans trend hasn’t caught on with us, mainly because our saddlebags won’t let us. and we think those slouchy trousers will just make us look fat. decisions, decisions… (wide pants by louis vuitton; slim pants by balenciaga)
8. the colors of the season. something in gray, plum, and of course, black. (outfit by antonio berardi)
9. prints. something in plaid. something in a leopard print. something in stripes. (outfit by alexander mcqueen)
10. stuff to layer. it's the easiest way to get in on the grunge revival. of course in this country you’ll have to get really thin pieces because it’ll be too hot. (outfit by marc jacobs)

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