Sunday, September 03, 2006

f/w shopping list

wow, it’s already september 3 and the fash pack hasn’t posted in, well, three days. and we haven’t listed down our fashion shopping list for fall/winter 2006! no excuses, but we’ve been sick for a week, and we’re sick of being sick. so we have no energy to go shopping (or at least window shopping). and to think the fall/winter collections are all out and we haven’t had the chance to check them out. (kasi baka mabinat kami, sabi ni lola.) well, before we go out, this is what we’re going to have on our f/w shopping list:
1. leggings. if leggings were the must-have item for spring/summer 2006 and you got a pair, lucky you, because you’ll be using them all throughout this season. they’re not that easy to find, though. maybe now it won’t be so difficult. we found ours at SM department store’s teens department. (outfit by versace)
2. black opaque tights. we have to get a new pair because when we couldn’t find leggings a few months back, we cut the feet off of our tights. but black opaque tights are not that easy to find either. you can get them at shopwise and from dancewear brands like yvonne’s. (outfit by christian lacroix)
3. ankle booties. we’ve already got the black flat knee-high boots, the black high-heel knee-high boots, the brown flat knee-high boots, the brown high-heel knee-high boots. now it’s time to get the ankle-high booties, better with a heel. (boot by giambattista valli)
4. a big bag. and when we say big, it’s not just any big, it’s oversized. and it’s not just any oversized tote or shopper. it’s like incredible-hulk oversized. it’s like you take a regular-sized bag and supersize everything—from the straps to the stitching, from the handles to the hardware. (bag by louis vuitton)
5. platforms. another continuing trend from spring/summer, but in darker colors and more luxurious materials. we want a pair in black to wear with black opaque tights to be worn with a short cocktail dress—the combo will give the illusion of super-long legs and who doesn’t want that?? (shoe by alessandro dell'acqua)
6. bubble. this trend began last season and is even stronger this season. we remember wearing a bubble mini skirt back in the 80s, and for the longest time after that, the thought of it made us go eww! now we kinda wish we kept that little ol’ thing… (outfit by balenciaga)
7. pants: wide vs slim. the skinny jeans trend hasn’t caught on with us, mainly because our saddlebags won’t let us. and we think those slouchy trousers will just make us look fat. decisions, decisions… (wide pants by louis vuitton; slim pants by balenciaga)
8. the colors of the season. something in gray, plum, and of course, black. (outfit by antonio berardi)
9. prints. something in plaid. something in a leopard print. something in stripes. (outfit by alexander mcqueen)
10. stuff to layer. it's the easiest way to get in on the grunge revival. of course in this country you’ll have to get really thin pieces because it’ll be too hot. (outfit by marc jacobs)

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cecile said...

hello fashpack!
plugging! we have leggings at SFAS
tel 7170884

Anonymous said...

Hello FashPack,

I don't know where I can email you so I'll just post my question here. It's not related to your recent post.

I will be attending a formal birthday party next month. Where can I find nice dresses (not gowns) which are not so costly. Also, where can I have good hair and make up?


the fash pack said...

first question, what's your budget for the dress, and for the hair and makeup? second question, will you please identify yourself??

Cecilia Dean Gdorf said...

Quick question. Since these trends are forecasts from Europe and the USA since last February. In the Philippines where it never snows, what's the forecast of this country's fashion industry for this "season"?

Anonymous said...

I am looking for elegant and fashionable dresses, around 2500-3000 is my budget. I actually like the dresses in Zara but its a bit costly for one night. For the hair and makeup, I can spend 1k.


Anonymous said...

Hi! The anonymous person who wrote you, asking for where to find nice dresses for 2.5-3K can consider places such as Tango and the Independent Lifestyles wing of Rockwell. The latter has shops like Graxie and Solea which have interesting/affordable dresses. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hello there! our prom is fast approaching and i wanted to be the center of attention.

i've designed several gowns but i dunno if it will look good on me. i'm planning to use the color green to represent envy, but i'm not sure if the color will look good on a morena skintone.

i have broad shoulder & a pear shape body.

any suggestions?

Thanx a lot