Wednesday, September 27, 2006

guerlain's goodies

beauty junkies are going to go mad! we know we did with last night's dinner hosted by guerlain at je suis gourmand. we haven't been back to this resto located at the fort bonifacio area since we treated our mums to a mother's day dinner last may, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that they expanded to include a private dining room at the back. we were even more surprised to see some of the early birds smoking—we forgot that this wasn't makati! hello, taguig, smoking allowed! okay, before we get into the beauty prods, we have to rave about the food. the menu was divided into three portions, each part inspired by each product being launched. first up was the appetizer of marinated salmon & smoked salmon salad with honey dill sauce, inspired by insolence, the new fragrance by guerlain. we're sure you've seen the ads with their image model, no other than two-time oscar winner hilary swank. quite an unusual choice, considering she's no classic beauty, and some bitchy bloggers have even accused her of looking a little horsey, but shut it, okay, the woman won TWO OSCARS. and wow, that hair! next up was the main course, a choice between sautéed seabass and prawns with linguini and creamy white mushroom jus OR pan-fried veal medallion with roseti potato and fresh tarragon cream sauce. mmm! they both sounded good and short of ordering both, we decided on the fish because we were feeling ladylike and wanted something light. but that veal looked really good. damn, we forgot we were on the semi-atkins diet... the main course was inspired by the new variant of guerlain's new best-selling product, orchidée impériale, which we reported on back in april. now they released a fluid formulation, which is lighter and more suitable to our humid climate. we have to try this product. at P14,000 a bottle, it's got to do something good for our wrinkly skin. but let's see, with P14,000 we can buy a tote bag from kate spade—on sale! decisions, decisions! finally, dessert! most people love dessert, but personally, by the time dessert arrives, we have no more space in our tummy, so we skip it. and with tonight's dessert, well, it was just too pretty, we almost didn't want to touch it... this "dessert surprise" was inspired by guerlain's "precious christmas" collection of cosmetics, as displayed... counterclockwise from center: meteorites perles de velours (P2,898), meteorites reflets de velour (P7,150), radiant colour eyeshadow mono (P1,350), kisskiss lipstick, another eyeshadow, and le poudre c'est moi divine pressed powder with white sapphire sparkles (P4,098), which is our fave product in the lot. the fragrance is already available at rustan's, while everything else will be available starting in november. get on the waiting list now!


guile said...

nice, cozy place you got here :)..

the fash pack said...

thank you, guile :-)