Monday, September 25, 2006

guess who what when

do you think you have what it takes to be an international model? if you do, then head on over to your nearest guess store and pick up an application form for the guess faces to watch competition. in time to celebrate 25 years of guess (and 15 years of guess in the philippines) as a young, sexy, adventurous brand, they are launching the second global model search. today guess held a press con at hotel inter-continental—at the former euphoria! it still looks pretty much the same but without the pounding music, the flashing lights, and the ledge dancers. imagine round tables for 10 set up on the dance floor (parang chinese resto, haha!), and buffet tables against the walls so dark that you couldn't see what you were scooping up and throwing onto your plate. but we digress… we always think of guess as the brand that set the trend in advertising where the image was more important than the product. when they launched those innovative black-and-white ads with a young claudia schiffer looking like sex-kitten bridget bardot in her prime, you didn’t really care about the jeans, which you didn’t really see; what you wanted was the lifestyle. after that, they discovered anna nicole smith and styled her like a young marilyn monroe/jayne mansfield va-va-voom bombshell. we even met and interviewed anna nicole when she came to manila back in the early 90s,and the thing we remember most about her was the size of her boobs—each one was the size of our head! well, to tell you the truth, we don’t own anything by guess, but we do remember those ads. they will forever be etched in our minds. but we must mention that this model search is sponsored by guess watches (faces to watch, get it?). on october 1, we will get to meet the finalists at the official launch party at fiamma, and the finals night on october 26 at the glorietta activity center, where out of 20 male and 20 female finalists, five boys and five gals will be picked to be sent to guess owner paul marciano, who will pick a final winner from finalists from all over the world. for details and to check out the finalists from other countries, log on to

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