Saturday, September 30, 2006

M for milenyo

thank god the electricity is back! now we have lights! air-con! TV! INTERNET! it’s been two and a half days since we’ve been able to go online, not since we were sitting at starbucks (it was the only hotspot we could find) at mall of asia last thursday at the height of the typhoon when bam! a big blue letter S suddenly landed on the sidewalk, right outside starbucks' front door. the whopping 130-kph winds were so strong that it ripped off the S in SM, and the sign was left with M. M for milenyo. the wrath that is typhoon milenyo turned the whole metro manila upside down, inside out, the city ended up looking like a war zone. the fierce typhoon signal #4 left trees, both young and old, uprooted... billboards torn down... tents ripped to shreds... trucks tipped over, and look at this: a brand new mall that opened just last may to much fanfare did not withstand one typhoon! henry sy should ban that contractor from doing any of his future malls! this was what was left of that letter S, crushed and smashed by M: and here's the rest of the mall damage tsk-tsk... believe it or not, the guards were stopping people, including us, from taking pictures, even with their cell phones, of the damage. so we demanded to know why. "kasi baka magka-issue tayo," he said. hello, he's the one making an issue out of it! we're surprised neither star nor inquirer included mall of asia in their collage of photos of the aftermath of milenyo. siyempre, big advertiser ang SM, 'no, the biggest, for sure. and if any of you are wondering what the hell we were doing at mall of asia during the eye of a storm, we made the trek to attend the media briefing for this new store: we had to call just to confirm if it was pushing through (because all other events that day wisely canceled), and one of the organizers said, "yes, we will make this a beautiful morning!" lady, you are crazy to push through with this launch, but you know what, we were even crazier to actually go! and so were the 20 or so other press people who actually braved the rains, floods, and flying glass, rocks, and yero!

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mrshobbes said...

My god, I didn't know about the 'S!' :o And I heard Le Pavilion is nothing but a skeleton now