Thursday, September 14, 2006

mango keeps growing

tonight, mango opened its 6th branch in the philippines at the mall of asia (after robinsons place, glorietta 3, power plant mall, shangri-la plaza, gateway mall—did we miss anything?). remember when we first reported last may when mall of asia first opened, and we noticed that mango and zara, the top two spanish fashion brands, were located on top of each other at mall of asia? mango is on the first floor and has the advantage of the spacious lobby, where they held the launch—cocktails, fashion show, unveiling.
<-before & after->
before the fashion show started, and while cocktails were going on, radha (formerly of that band called kulay) performed an acoustic set. nice, but what was the relation to mango? ma! then patty laurel came on to introduce the collection. what is this girl doing these days? we remember a few years back when we felt this girl had a lot of potential as a host, after having won MTV's VJ search, then she went on to host studio 23's "breakfast" show every weekday morning. these days, we have no idea what she does. maybe the same? (note the "uzis" at the back, always a staple at any mall launch.) so let's get on with the show! (directed by robby carmona, styled by charmaine palermo.)

and let's go shopping! this was the frenzy that ensued after the doors opened... and we want you to meet david redondo bermejo, the hombre from mango's back-up team department (whatever that is!). isn't he cool? ¡que mono!

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