Thursday, October 12, 2006

the fash cam: opaque tights

it's been a while, hasn't it, since we posted the fash cam's pix of manila's stylish gals donning the latest, the hottest, the trendiest, well, trends. but after viewing the spring/summer 2007 collections on, not to mention being inspired by the sartorialist's coverage of what people are wearing OFF the runway (which is infinitely MORE interesting than what’s ON the runway), we decided to go back to photographing real women’s real style. we noticed that a lot of the women in paris and milan were wearing leggings, but ahem, we’ve been there, done that (see the fash cam dated may 29, 2006), so we went with the next best thing: opaque tights. we haven’t worn these since the 80s (just like leggings) (and of course, any time we jet to winter-worn countries), but it’s one of the season’s most important trends, and we just can’t ignore it. and there were many ways to wear a pair...

a short white dress: liz & leica

black-on-black (with a shot of color): vida & liza

formal affair: celine & vivian

these boots...: pauline & mel

ivar's girls at Y style's 3rd anniv party

color my legs: mich & tippi


Anonymous said...

Any idea where to get opaque tights in Manila?

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but that liz looks so trying's like she thought about that outfit for a long time, and ended up all wrong. Laica's outfit looks effortless and not so put-together.