Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the happiest place on earth?

we are now back to our regular programming. the fash pack just spent a few days in hong kong. most of the good hotels in the kowloon side and the hong kong side were fully booked due to the numerous trade fairs and conventions being held at the same time at several different locations. so where did we end up staying? at hong kong disneyland hotel! well, it was either that or panda hotel in some god-forsaken area where the taxis probably don't even go to. well, disneyland isn't close to anything either, and since we landed late at night, we decided to stay in and hang out in our room, instead of taking the MTR to lan kwai fong (which would take an hour, not to mention, changing trains three times). well, at least in this hotel, everything in the mini-bar is free (two bottles of water, a coke, and a diet coke). if you want liquor, though, you have to order it through room service. can't have the kiddies sneaking off with a beer or a 15-ml scotch. and speaking of kiddies, the place was crawling with those shrieking no-neck monsters dressed in their halloween costumes. sometimes we couldn't even tell the kids from the staff. look at this bellhop, doesn't he look like the little man in louis vuitton's new monogram groom series?
<-HK vs LV->
in fairness, the room was huge, clean, and very comfy, in spite of the tacky decor. check out the detail on the bathroom mirror:
this is us in the morning.
this is us after a few drinks.
the next day, we got a glimpse of the view from our balcony. now wouldn't you want to have your morning coffee here? we had breakfast of siopao and siomai here, the grand salon: and this was our view: this is called the sorcerer's lounge. we think it's because you can smoke here: there's something about disneyland that really brings out the kid in you, no matter how gross that sounds. was it our overactive imagination (or our bad eyesight?) that we began to see mickey everywhere?

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details_later said...


I stayed in this very hotel two months ago! I agree with your observations. Even though the Victorian theme the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel push was a tad aggressive and the opposite of authentic, I can't fault them for going with the theme ALL THE WAY. You could sense more of that at the Hollywood Hotel. The theme was Art Deco, and I was equally dismayed (by the articiality) and pleased (Art Deco is just plain awesome, fake or otherwise).

All the "hidden Mickeys" are indeed there for the no-neckers and ankle-biters. Did you even check the bedspread of your room?

Ultimately, the hotel did feel like a great place to stay. It was so new and clean and everybody was so nice. What more can you ask for? (along with hot water and cable)