Tuesday, October 10, 2006

it isn't even halloween yet...

if you are in ayala center and you want to use the CR (universally known as the ladies' room or rest room or toilet or the more esoteric WC), don't bother with those toilets that require a fee of 10 pesos (or have they increased it??). or worse, the ones without toilet paper, eww~~ if you aren't dining at any of the restaurants (but careful, not all restos in glorietta or greenbelt have their own CR), and need to go BADLY, we like to use the ladies' room at rustan's, located on the second floor (if you're confused, it's the floor with ladies' fashion). aside from clean toilets that flush and liquid soap next to working sinks, there's a lounge with a cushy sofa and armchairs, where we often spot women actually taking catnaps! they must be tired from all that shopping (uy, exercise rin yun, ha). on the other side—across the landmark, that is—in greenbelt 4, where all the luxury labels are (rather, the only luxury labels...), is an alcove that shields the entrance to a ladies' room and a men's room. with toilet paper! toilets that flush! automatically! sinks with running water! liquid soap! paper towels! hay, ang babaw 'no but in the third world, a public toilet such as this is a luxury. it used to be that no one knew about this secret baƱo, but now, commuters who walk through greenbelt take a detour into this haven, not just to take a leak or to freshen up, but to brush their teeth! is this a pinoy phenomenon or what, but we've never seen anyone in other countries whip out a toothbrush and toothpaste from her purse and so nonchalantly brush her teeth in a public rest room. anyway, the main point of this long-winded kwento is that we went to use that very CR yesterday and look what we saw: yeah, yeah, we know, it's a little blurred (a little!?), but the movement was caused by the shock we expressed when we saw it. well, if you're gonna put a tree somewhere, it might as well be right in front of louis vuitton, hoping it'll remind you (hypnotize you?) to start your christmas shopping NOW and like a zombie, hang a left and through LV's glass doors. meanwhile, over at power plant, these signs are everywhere: and don't forget about all those christmas bazaars all over town. come back for updates on the schedules!

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