Thursday, October 05, 2006

metrowear 1

what day is it today? it seems like the days have been going by so fast that we've lost track of the dates. or maybe it's because we wake up so late in the morning that we've lost half the day. then before we know it, it's midnight and it's officially tomorrow. that is, the next day. today we want to report on the metrowear series, which launched last night at the loft in rockwell. this is the fourth year metrowear has shown the country's best fashion designers' holiday collections, but what makes it different this year is that instead of having each designer show a collection of five pieces, there will be four separate shows, with each show featuring a full collection of at least 15 pieces by each designer. got that? last night, the series opened with rajo laurel, dennis lustico, and rhett eala, three of the most in-demand designers when it comes to made-to-measure wedding gowns, formal eveningwear, and cocktail dresses. they're also three of the nicest. (kung walang topak, haha! they ARE artists, after all.) we're just going to use this blog to put our orders in, okay, guys? (our fantasy orders, thats is. we're pretty sure each dress costs no less than P10,000.)
RAJO LAUREL: we like his puffy sleeves... classic-in-the-making: feminine strappy dresses in metallic silk taffeta accented with an obi-inspired belt with brooch (note the pockets. no need for a purse)... DENNIS LUSTICO: we can't wear these because they will hug every curve (read: bulge), but we can dream, can't we... fresh, funky details—something innovative and new from dennis... RHETT EALA: greek goddesses. you can't see the details of braided straps and crystal studs... va-va-voom! who should wear a dress like this—women with big boobs or little boobs? if you have big boobs like scarlett johansson, it looks kinda bastos. if you have little boobs like kate hudson, it's like, why are you bothering? unexpected tweed on eveningwear... the season's popular empire cut (the best thing to wear if you intend to eat a lot during your next formal affair ;-)... next show is on monday, october 9 with lulu tan gan, katrina goulbourn, and jun escario.

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