Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the new endorsement princess?

last night at an event at M café, plains & prints introduced their new image model, none other than celine lopez. is manila's "it" gal (as the media has portrayed her for the last, oh, five years) the new princess of endorsements? (she's hawked pepsi, fix and greyhound, so far. did we miss anything?) we all know that kris aquino is the queen of endorsements, having dethroned sharon cuneta, but could celine be following in their footsteps? but just to clarify, gretchen barretto is still the queen of plains & prints. we'll give you the full report later ("desperate housewives" is on!). meanwhile, we'll give you an eyeful of celine before these pix hit the highways (if the billboard debate ever gets resolved!) UPDATE: anyhoo, getting back to this launch... why get celine lopez to become an endorser if gretchen barretto will still be around? as the owners themselves admit, the novelty of their first celebrity endorser has worn off, and everything has become quiet. siguro wala nang showbiz intriga si greta. enter celine to attract the younger market because the original customer of P&P has grown up and has become more discerning and is more interested in quality (imported brands? designer wear?). and probably because the younger market doesn't really know who gretchen is and is not familiar with her work. (she was once an ST star. look it up.) meanwhile, celine has quite a following, thanks to her columns in the philippine star. thanks too to her partying lifestyle because her pictures get splashed on all the society columns on a regular basis. (although since she got engaged, we don't see her out that often anymore...) so which of these outfits do you think the local yoots will like? ...
cute empire-cut top with crochet-trim hem and cuffed khaki shorts
tailored blouse with big sash. good for the office with a jacket, great for after-hours without
feminine scalloped edges play nicely against dark slim jeans
the new proportion: cropped bolero over belted long top over super-short mini
bold print + big bow + skinny jeans = lots of attention for you
perfect for dinner with his family. just don't bend over in front of his dad
cute combo! love the mix of floral and pinstripes (feminine and masculine)

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