Wednesday, October 11, 2006

rajo's empire

the empire of designer rajo laurel literally grows by the day. just last week, he presented a collection for metrowear. and the week before that, he showed a mini collection of red, black, and white pieces to match the launch of BMW 1 series' new colors—red, black, and white, duh. then the week before that, he created an all-white collection for the launch of coke light's new packaging. to say the guy is prolific is an understatement; he's a non-stop creative machine that just churns out the goodies. this time, rajo launched a new home line to be sold exclusively at SM's our home store. of course, he made us go all the way to the block to see it. (not just us, but the likes of tessa prieto-valdes and tim yap actually showed up!) now the block is not a block away from you. it's all the way over in SM city north edsa (see the glass building? that's it), and if you live in the general vicinity of, oh say, manila, pasay, or makati, even pasig, then that's the other side of the world (more so if you live in alabang!). but we love rajo, what can we say, and we want to support the guy. so drive kami. we left makati at 11am. by 12 noon, we were only by megamall. and the event was supposed to begin by then! and what was causing the traffic? they (by "they" we mean whoever is in charge of these things) were dismantling the billboards on edsa, and their trucks were taking up precious space on the highway! which made us wonder out loud, why the hell don't they do this at night when there are no cars on the road?? ah precisely why, because there are no cars on the road. that means no one can see them doing their "job"—something they should have been doing way BEFORE those so-called "illegal" billboards were put up in the first place! ANYWAY. that's not the topic of this post (nakaka-inis lang). carry on... the bed linen line of rajo is a collaboration with canadian manufacturing, one of SM's best-selling consigners of bed linens. they decided that the best way to integrate fashion with the bed (hmmm, should that be so difficult?) was to do something in denim (actually chambray). as rajo said, "why not sleep on what we wear?" the three designs unveiled at the block's lobby, now available at select our home stores... each set includes a fitted sheet, two pillow cases, and a duvet. it comes in four sizes: single (P4499.75), full (P4999.75), queen (P5479.75), and king (P5999.75). plus, you get a free denim bag designed by rajo. we would buy just for that bag. hurry, there are only 500 of those!

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Mrs.T (thebaghag wannabe) said...

what a witty writeup about the cause of traffic on edsa :) I concur unconditionally *hahaha*