Wednesday, October 25, 2006

we never win anything—till now

it happened, it finally happened. god loves the fash pack. or at least someone from motorola does. yesterday, even though it was a holiday and we would rather lie in bed all day long, it was a good thing we decided to peel ourselves off the kutson, get dressed in "a reflection of you," and drive to rockwell tent for the "beyond limits, beyond wonder" event of shu uemura, motorola, smart and JAL. as we were signing up at the registration table, we were given a card with a number and told to keep it for the raffle. oooh exciting! but we got even more excited when one of the ladies in charge told us to sign our name not at the regular guest list, but at the VIP guest list. oooh what goodies could be in store for us...? so it was soshalan time as we sipped our wine and hobnobbed with the likes of maurice, pepper, celine, tim, lucy, gretchen, rajo, rhett, daphne, xeng (no last names needed), and the shu evangelist herself, tina.

then the announcement came that motorola was raffling away 100 moto krzr cell phones that night! yes, you read right: ONE HUNDRED. not one, not two, not just three. ONE HUNDRED. winning numbers were announced 10 at a time and flashed on big screens around the tent. then 10 boys would walk out holding up the winning number on one hand and a silver tray with your phone on the other. and if you're one of the lucky ones, you walk up and grab that baby! and we were one of the lucky ones, woo-hoo!!! because of the frenzy over those phones, everybody forgot about shu uemura's rouge unlimited lipstick. well, at least we did. *insert sheepish grin here* but they did have a nice display and a cool video by team manila.
PS: blogger is so fucked up. pictures to follow once they un-fuck up.
UPDATE: pix are up! but it wasn't easy...

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Narcoleptic Aquarian said...

yes, we gave away 100 phones. Did you like the time-lapse video? hehehe I did that and the model couldn't move for 4 hours, not even to pee as Xander took stills, STILLS!!!!!!!!! frame as I applied each swipe of makeup. I thought that was cool. What a night. I don't think we could even top that.