Sunday, October 01, 2006

what becomes a legend most?

last friday night, post-milenyo devastation, the fash pack attended the second anniversary of metro society, held at edsa shangri-la. the theme of the party was coco banana, and guests were asked to dress in red (and we complied because we heard a rumor that people who don't come in red will be locked up in a holding room. afraid!). but what the connection was between the society magazine, the legendary 70s disco, and the color, we don't know. the event was organized and hosted by ernest santiago, the mad genius behind coco banana during its heyday. we can't tell you anything about that place kasi 'di pa kami nag-di-disco noon, but anyone who used to frequent it won't hesitate to regale you with tales about how fabulous the club was, how fabulous the people were, how fabulous the clothes they wore were, how fab fab fab! thirty years from now, people will probably be saying the same thing about embassy, and recalling the fun nights drinking and dancing with tim yap, the eventologist behind embassy. look at them, they already kinda exude the same kind of vibe, the kind that loves attention, knows how to play gracious host, always dresses up in wacky outfits, has a photo-op pose down pat, and has blonde hair (although ernest's is probably white from old [!] age, and tim, who went from black to bottle blonde and is now back to his natural haircolor, gets his goldilocks from a big-ass wig)...

they could even pass for father and son, dontcha think??

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Anonymous said...

Has it been one year since thefashpack came into blog existence? Happy anniv! (throws confetti)

When's the next five hour "coffee break?" :-)

And did Google free me from blogspot anonymity