Sunday, November 26, 2006

the fash cam: gowns

you know the holiday season has officially begun when invites for all these events that have "attire: formal" stamped on them start arriving. and they've been arriving fast and furious for the last month or so. and you know there's gonna be more—to fashion shows, concerts, benefits, galas, balls, awards, anniversaries, weddings, etc etc etc. so what to wear, what to wear... these women we've snapped at some of these formal events have got it down pat. be inspired by them and their gowns.
jo ann in randy ortiz
sigalit in inno sotto
trish in rhett eala
lucy in cary santiago
bianca in ferdi abuel
tippi in tippi ocampo
pauline in ivarluski aseron
mons in dennis lustico
carmina in puey quiñones
jenni in ivarluski aseron
rorie in vintage
sofia in inno sotto

Saturday, November 25, 2006

krispy kreme, baby!

so there we were last night, walking around serendra looking for a place to eat (earlier, we were looking for a place to park, but the guard wouldn't even let us into the basement parking because all 185 slots were filled up. a hundred eighty fucking five! for what—about 60 establishments, and not even half are open yet! but that's another post...). so there we were and we bumped into several friends in the plaza, and we were chit-chatting, complaining about the parking, comparing notes about the restaurants, then there they were: three young men in krispy kreme uniforms, each guy carrying two plastic bags, each bag containing six boxes of krispy kreme doughnuts, and each box containing a dozen original glazeds... as they walked by, we couldn't help but call out, "hey, it's the krispy kreme boys!" they turned to look, approached our group, and asked, "ma'am, do you want some krispy kreme?" hell, yeah! so he takes out one box and hands it to us. one whole box for us? "yes, ma'am." wow, we were expecting a couple of doughnuts, but he gave us a full dozen! so of course our friends were all, i want some of that! and the three krispy kreme boys gave each of us (and there were six of us) a box. as we called out our thanks, they were gone, and we couldn't help but wonder, was all this just a dream? (nope, because we just had two for breakfast this morning.) and as we walked through serendra with our box of krispy kremes, people stared at us, like we were celebrities or something, asking us, where did you get that??? well, folks, the wait will soon be over. november 30 is opening day! get ready to queue up, not just to get your krispy kreme fresh hot now, but the first customer on that day will win a one-year supply of original glazed doughnuts! (not to mention an extra 50 pounds of weight by the end of next year.) the first 500 get a free limited-edition krispy kreme T-shirt plus the chance to win lots of raffle prizes (free doughnuts for six, three, and one month/s). look for the neon sign at city center, bonifacio global city, taguig (behind serendra). second branch opens at SM megamall next month! (photo credit: our awesome planet)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

let's eat: thai at silk

it was a sad day for night owls when citrus (formerly V, which was formerly venezia) closed. to tell you the truth, we didn't even notice. but it was just as well because owner louie Y and his wife cecille just opened a new resto at serendra called thai at silk. but this is really cecille's baby. the woman can cook! she has always been obsessed with thai cooking, often hosting thai-cuisine dinners at their home (although we've never been invited. at bakit, 'di naman kami close, 'no??). we remember traveling with louie and cecille on one of those star cruises around asia, and during one stop at phuket (pre-tsunami), while the rest of us were all shopping for pasalubong and useless trinkets, cecille was shopping the groceries and food markets for spices and ingredients not available in manila. so obsessed was she, she actually took formal courses on thai cooking, and is now putting them to good use. some shots of silk's interiors, designed by cynthia and ivy almario, who are also part owners. and because the resto is located in taguig, smoking is allowed, woo-hoo! you know you're in a smoking section when you see these "smoke-eaters" hanging above, close to the ceiling... and look who we met! this guy named xavier anthony, who is apparently famous in europe. he stars in the french version of "queer eye for the straight guy," and he's the counterpart of ted, the food and wine connoisseur. he's a bona fide chef, and he is the guest chef at nuvo in greenbelt 2 till december 7. the next day, he'll be flying off morocco to cook for a special dinner party for guest of honor monica bellucci. bon appétit! thai at silk, G/f serendra piazza, bonifacio global city, taguig, tel (2) 856-0386 to 97.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

would you buy this phone?

vertu is now in the philippines. the most expensive phone in the world was launched last week at lucerne in shangri-la plaza. we were surprised to see some of the nokia executives there. well, why wouldn't they be, as nokia owns vertu. we didn't know that. just what makes these phones so damn expensive anyway? there's so much going on in this mobile phone that you should just check out the website for a list of all the fancy materials that go into one handset. and what better way to display the phones than in an equally luxurious product: a goyard trunk (you'll spot a quick glimpse of one in the website. blink and you'll miss it). here are some of the phones available and check out the prices (in philippine pesos). so would any of you buy any of these phones?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

the imelda collection

yesterday afternoon was the launch of "the imelda collection", the much hyped accessories line designed by the philippines' former first lady imelda marcos. it was surreal, to say the least. (in poor taste, to say the worst.) political leanings aside, anything mrs. marcos does—or says—is news. and THIS is big news apparently. it's the little piece of fashion news heard around the world and descended upon by the international herald tribune, new york times, CNN, the washington post, associated press, reuters, and other international press. the invitation said 4pm, and when we got to philippine plaza at 4:30pm, we thought we were late. but nah... as we took the down escalator into spiral, the photographers were all patiently waiting at the foot of the escalator, disappointed that it was just us. and speaking of those photogs, man, were they vicious. they all wanted the best pic and didn't hesitate to push and shove, as they followed madame's every step, who walked oh-so-lesuirely, like she was walking through a park or something, followed by daughter imee and grandson borgy. here's a full-length shot of mrs. marcos in her embroidered green terno gown (she didn't look too happy that the cocktail tables that each displayed a pair from her personal shoe collection were littered with empty iced tea glasses...): then some little boy performed several songs for imelda that it was practically a mini-concert, before madame herself took the mic and sang and gave a speech (wow, her back skin is really white and smooth...): because of the crowd, we were pretty much trapped where we were standing, and to ease the boredom, we shot borgy's shoes. can anyone identify them? before everyone was ushered into the function room next door, we managed to sneak in and snap some pix of the tableaux, which displayed the accessories amongst imelda's personal items, like her ternos, portraits, furniture, and of course, shoes (including andy's bust!).

a closer look at a few pieces from the press kit:

and look! some of the young women dressed in their own little tribute to mrs. marcos by donning modernized versions of the terno. from left, yvette, ingrid, astrud:

Friday, November 17, 2006

friday night

tonight was just too much. there were five events that we were invited to:
6pm - the 6th grand wine experience, new world renaissance ballroom
6pm - launch of richard and lucy's new fragrances for bench, glorietta activity center
6:30pm - G hotel launch, roxas boulevard
6:30pm - launch of frederick peralta's couture beddings, SM makati prestige lounge
8pm - launch of dunhill's three new flavors, NBC tent
any guesses which one we went to? first, we headed to the mall for the launch of the new fragrances of bench husband-and-wife endorsers, richard gomez and lucy torres-gomez. we haven't smelled any of them (the fragrances, not richard and lucy!), but judging from bench's kris aquino scents, they should be good. believe it or not, we actually like kris's "baby me" scent, easy on the nose and quite powdery fresh.
lucy's fragrances—love, forever, remember:

richard's fragrances—conquer, recharge, refresh:

after performances by MYMP, christian bautista, and rachel ann go, the "perfect couple" (as host iya villana kept referring to them) finally showed up. that was our cue to slip out and cross makati avenue to the hotel for the grand wine event, one of the most anticipated wine-tasting events of the year for winos such as us (well, there's still the beaujolais delivery next week).

and look who we bumped into! former model and VJ, now wife and mum, sarah meier! here she is with hubby banjo. don't they make a cute couple? sarah showed us pix of her baby daughter kaya, who is turning one soon. the two now have an events/production company called steak productions: urban lifestyle + music. welcome back, sarah!