Sunday, November 26, 2006

the fash cam: gowns

you know the holiday season has officially begun when invites for all these events that have "attire: formal" stamped on them start arriving. and they've been arriving fast and furious for the last month or so. and you know there's gonna be more—to fashion shows, concerts, benefits, galas, balls, awards, anniversaries, weddings, etc etc etc. so what to wear, what to wear... these women we've snapped at some of these formal events have got it down pat. be inspired by them and their gowns.
jo ann in randy ortiz
sigalit in inno sotto
trish in rhett eala
lucy in cary santiago
bianca in ferdi abuel
tippi in tippi ocampo
pauline in ivarluski aseron
mons in dennis lustico
carmina in puey quiƱones
jenni in ivarluski aseron
rorie in vintage
sofia in inno sotto

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