Sunday, November 19, 2006

the imelda collection

yesterday afternoon was the launch of "the imelda collection", the much hyped accessories line designed by the philippines' former first lady imelda marcos. it was surreal, to say the least. (in poor taste, to say the worst.) political leanings aside, anything mrs. marcos does—or says—is news. and THIS is big news apparently. it's the little piece of fashion news heard around the world and descended upon by the international herald tribune, new york times, CNN, the washington post, associated press, reuters, and other international press. the invitation said 4pm, and when we got to philippine plaza at 4:30pm, we thought we were late. but nah... as we took the down escalator into spiral, the photographers were all patiently waiting at the foot of the escalator, disappointed that it was just us. and speaking of those photogs, man, were they vicious. they all wanted the best pic and didn't hesitate to push and shove, as they followed madame's every step, who walked oh-so-lesuirely, like she was walking through a park or something, followed by daughter imee and grandson borgy. here's a full-length shot of mrs. marcos in her embroidered green terno gown (she didn't look too happy that the cocktail tables that each displayed a pair from her personal shoe collection were littered with empty iced tea glasses...): then some little boy performed several songs for imelda that it was practically a mini-concert, before madame herself took the mic and sang and gave a speech (wow, her back skin is really white and smooth...): because of the crowd, we were pretty much trapped where we were standing, and to ease the boredom, we shot borgy's shoes. can anyone identify them? before everyone was ushered into the function room next door, we managed to sneak in and snap some pix of the tableaux, which displayed the accessories amongst imelda's personal items, like her ternos, portraits, furniture, and of course, shoes (including andy's bust!).

a closer look at a few pieces from the press kit:

and look! some of the young women dressed in their own little tribute to mrs. marcos by donning modernized versions of the terno. from left, yvette, ingrid, astrud:


Anonymous said...

really like the middle 'terno' with the trousers. any idea who designed that?

the fash pack said...

we believe it was joey samson.

lesley said...

borgy's shoes are Nike Blazers Mid SB Premiums in Pinstripe Edition :)

Karen said...

Who "actually" designs the collection? Madame herself? For reals?

Heh, "poor taste." In my imagination, the event would feel like a throwback to the old-fashioned sycophantic-crowd-around-the-Madame scenario, close to like the atmostphere in Ramona Diaz's docu.

Or maybe that's not so old-fashioned.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I imagine Karen's imagined scene just about summed it up, hehe... Then again, just because she's madame doesn't mean we can ignore the essential question: Maganda ba yung mga accessories?